Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted and it’s gross because I have so many purchases to share and review and get all emotional about. Gross. I’m not going to shame myself any further so….

Favorite Outfit

Birthday Style


My Birthday was last Tuesday and I had a champagne “tea party” planned during the day so I didn’t have to turn up entirely. The TopShop skirt I’ve had sitting in my closet since last summer was the perfect accompaniment to my relaxed V neck and fresh out the box Louboutins. Easy yet polished. The pleats are everything.

V Neck – Aritzia/Midi Skirt – Topshop/Pumps – Louboutin

Favorite Purchase

Christian Louboutin Iriza D’Orsay Pumps


Duh. See above. Full details are being assembled right now so I won’t get all sweaty over it but I found these absolute gems after over 6 months of being met with continuous dismay – they were sold out all over the damn globe. I chose the Iriza because of the cut and major toe cleave, the white for the edgier take on a classic, and the pump because it’s pretty much the most essential shoe you can ever own. Plus, you could be wearing cropped sweats and a baseball cap with a pair of pumps and you’ll end up looking dignified as shit.

Favorite Beauty Product

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


How have I not been using this forever? I should be put away. Because it’s been warmer, I’ve been noticing that my shadow was fading a lot quicker than usual (I use it on both my lids and lash line) and having your pricey shadow fade halfway throughout the day is pretty emotionally taxing. A light shone down on my sister as she oh so nonchalantly asked why I don’t use primer – this one to be exact. Speechless, for one of the first times. Fast forward – I’m using it and simply refuse to wear shadow on my lids without it. The color is more vibrant, it stays where I applied it, and it doesn’t make me look like a hot sweaty mess. Must have arsenal.

Favorite Meal

Buddy V’s Ristorante



I indulged in Buddy V’s Ristorante fare when I was in Vegas. And it did not disappoint. Probably the most amazing flatbread I’ve ever had. Worth every gram of carb. I had initially asked for the most delicious looking sandwich (without the chicken because I’m vegetarian) and after the server murdered me with her eyes and flat out refused to do that to me (and the sandwich) she suggested this delectable item that would be more appropriate. I usually don’t give two tinkling turtle doves about someone else’s opinion but I went for it. She looked like she was part of the WWE federation and I wouldn’t be able to complete my #ootd’s without my legs so I obliged. So pleased I did. Perfect parts of every ingredient. And it was my first time trying a Cannoli (ha ha) and it was akin to the feeling you get after an epic Sephora purchase (but in my mouth). By the way, if you were my server and you’re reading this – everything I’ve described about you here is with the utmost respect.

Favorite Scent

Diptyque Eau Duelle


I’ve probably mentioned this fragrance before but I have to do it again because it’s one of the most unique scents my nose has ever sniffed. Musky, with Bourbon vanilla, rockrose, and ambrosian. I honestly can’t explain it but it’s the most sublime mixture of musky and fresh. I like the Eaux de Parfum (it comes as a Eaux de Toilette as well) Try it.

Favorite Look

Shabby Chic

Hands down the strategically shabby chic look is my most esteemed look. It’s easier to pull off when you have your face on otherwise it can end up as a straight up shabby look – but your hair doesn’t have to be in place either so it’s a huge break. Any more give and you’re asking for a little much. Layering can be effortless even in the Summer months and this monochromatic look is a perfect example if adding some dimension to your layering. Love everything about it.


Happy Weekend



Wear Me: Kate Bosworth for Topshop

Not to be confused with Kate Moss, Although both are coming out with collections for more affordable retailers like H&M and Topshop, they’re both twiggy blondes, and they both have fairly similar styles, individuality is key. Okay, not so much here, but whatever. Two different collections = two different lines to shop from. 


This will be Kate’s 2nd line for Topshop. Her first was more boho Coachella chic than her direction this time which has taken an edgier, more minimalist look with structured yet feminine pieces.

There are so many pieces I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on. From tailored leather T shirts to feminine sweatpants and wrap skirts.

Her collection debuted today, and will contain 46 insanely wearable pieces to satisfy fashionistas all around town.

Here are some of my favorites:


Leather T Shirt $160


Foil Asymmetrical Skirt $170


Stretch Leather Trousers $590


Poem Premium 2 Part Shoes $160


Pistol Stiletto Boots $170


Metallic Foil T Shirt Dress $100


Leather Sweater $170


Prism Premium Court Pumps $120


Style: Kate Moss for TopShop

Uh yeah, now I’m excited. I know that Kate Moss has come out with collections in cahoots with TopShop in the past but not since 2010…

Her new collection is coming out this April and she’s already working away little a skinny little Christmas elf with creative director Kate Phelan.


The new collection will include: 40 different styles which boast ready – to – wear, accessories, and shoes and will pretty much parallel her own style (which is highly coveted by wannabes everywhere – me included).

The entire collection will be sold in TopShop stores, online and in like, 40 different Nords locations.

kate-moss-x-topshop-collection-2010 (1)

I can’t wait to get my (now chubby in comparison) hands on this stuff. 6 months to perfect the starving model look. Get on it.

I’m kidding. I don’t condone eating disorders of bodily harm for any reason whatsoever. I mean, unless it has to do with fashion, That’s okay. Right?

Kidding, again. Kidding.