Purchased & Reviewed: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush in Tigerlily

It’s been a while since I’ve published a purchase post but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been making them 24/7 all around town. What better way to get back to it than by reviewing a Becca product? They’re hotter than me running around a mall with 13 different shopping bags. Shall we?

Packaging: Compact, snap to close circular shell, akin to most Becca powders & blushes. I was a little surprised at the smaller size of this particular product (I guess I’m used to the larger highlighters. The only aspect I can’t get comfortable with is the outer shell of Becca compacts – the material picks up a lot of makeup transfer and are hard to keep clean unless you’re Lysol wiping on the daily. Minor.

Product: Ever since Champagne Pop and the Champagne Glow palette – I have been sold on all things Becca. I had no idea who Jaclyn Hill was nor do I watch her videos but I knew that the highlighter palette she conjured up with the brand was straight out of the golden gates and the rest is history. Anyway, back to the product – it’s sublime, perfect, the ideal blush, the holy grail if you must. The pigment, the shimmer, the multi-dimensional matte/glow effect and the staying power – 10’s across the board. I have not one complaint.

Colour: This is my favourite shade out of all the Shimmering Skin Perfectors. I love me a nice orange especially for my skin tone. This particular shade is a medium orange with red undertones. The gold flecked finish is what’s making makeup hoarders lose their shit. The colour is build-able but I find that a little goes a long way (also depends on which kind of brush you’re using). The end result for me is semi opaque, medium orange and gold glow that’s the focal point of my face. I blend in a little highlighter and add a nude-y lip and have pretty much secured my go-to face for the rest of the summer.

Wearability: All over town. If you use a light hand you can wear it alone for a little pop of colour or if you got your Go – Go – Gadget Sephora hands on you can add it to a matte blush of your choice and up the force shield. I myself wear it as a blush alone over my contour and the colour pay off is more than enough…intense even. I find that I like this particular shade better with a nude/light lip because the orange/red undertones are a little too #ootn for a daytime look.

Verdict: You have to have at least one Becca product to experience what the hype is all about. Whether it’s the blush, the highlighter, or the new eyeshadow palette – the hype is legitimate. These blushes have staying power, nice pigmentation and allows you to build it up to create either a flushed peach look or one that mimics the Snapchat filter of that cute trans. You hold the power.


(Photo above was taken au natural).

Try it for yourself here.


Purchased & Reviewed: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors

I took a month off blogging because Christmas (and the accompanying holiday season) is my favourite time of year and I feel that every fibre of my being must be allocated to that and only that. I slept, ate, and shopped Christmas. The latter which will lend to the next 36 posts for 2016. Here’s to hoping that you holiday season was jam packed with family that didn’t annoy you, presents that were on your wish list for months and treats that didn’t morph your ass and hips into Kardashian assigned proportions.

I’ll take this opportunity to talk about pretty much each and every single beauty gift I received this Christmas. Really. Not kidding.

Ok kidding.

I’ll stagger them out. This review is on Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Blushed Copper and the Jaclyn Hill collaboration, Champagne Pop (which I’ve reviewed before).



Packaging: The gold boxes these highlighters come in are fancy as heck and are indicative of what you get on the inside. On the other hand, the actual compacts are more utilitarian and no nonsense. I find that the outer shell for Champagne Pop is easy to get dirty with your grubby little makeup covered fingers so have a Lysol wipe handy. Blushed Copper has a shinier compact and for some reason is lighter in weight. I wish they would have made Champagne Pop identical to the box it came in (as they did with Blushed Copper) but I’ll let it slide since the product is like crack for your face. If you’re into crack.

Product: Gold. Crushed, crumbled, pulverized & pounded pieces of gold. If you own these then you know exactly what I’m talking about – if you don’t – you can solidify this shit and deposit it into your bank account. Do not get it twisted. The texture is creamy, and for a powder that is absolutely ridiculous yet marvellous. The fine pearls that are infused into this fairy dust is meant to absorb, reflect, and refract light so it looks like your highlight is natural and not man made. Or woman made, should I say. Compared to dry pressed powders, this one blends it’s ingredients with liquid binders which results in the luxuriously creamy application and consistency. The Blushed Copper has a prismatic appearance whereas the Champagne Pop is completely smooth. They both apply in the same fashion, it’s the collaboration with Jaclyn Hill that has Champagne Pop stand on it’s own.

Wearability/Colour: I use Champagne Pop as a highlighter and Blushed Copper as a blush to blend my contour with. They apply with ease, are wildly pigmented and long lasting and honestly, compliment various skin tones. The rose gold Champagne Pop is amazing as a highlighter and Blushed Copper (a warm copper with rose gold undertones) is one of the most flattering blushes I’ve ever come across.

Verdict: You have to have these. They’re not a fad. They’re not a artsy piece or celebrity collab that you need to purchase just because you have zero control when it comes to makeup, and you have an inch of counter space that needs to be filled. These are versatile, reasonably priced for their product range, flattering AF (I know, I know, super millennial ditz of me), and are long lasting in both wear and wallet. Unfortunately the limited edition Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow trio palette is no longer available (unless you can find it on Amazon or eBay) because that’s when my love affair with Blushed Copper commenced. Take my advice and don’t be shy. They’re well worth the hype.

Get them here and here.

(The photos are as is – no filter just enhancement to showcase the colours).





September Must Haves

I know I’m a little late but hey – better me being late than you going into Sephora without a game plan right?

Here’s my compilation of September’s beauty essentials…

YSL Glossy Stain/$35/Nordstrom

YSL-Glossy-Stain-Violet-Edition (1)

I’m not a big fan of glosses – mainly because I hate having hair get stuck to my lips, but I find that the color never shows up as expected. The hybrids are a whole other story. This vampy purple based Violet Edition shade is perfect for Fall. It’s hard to get into, especially if you have lighter skin but once you get over the initial shock of a darker lip it’ll become easier to wear. I can’t wait to try this.

NARS Audacious Lipsticks/$32/Nordstrom


These shades are a far reach from the YSL stain (pictured: Juliette & Raquel). The Audacious collection of 40 shades is stunning. By far one of the most luxe, wearable and long lasting formulas I’ve ever worn. They’re intense, non drying and packed with moisturizing ingredients. I picked Grace (a bright pink coral) because I have so many similar shades but since I’ve been swooning over it I’m going to go in for another like the hoarder I am. The color range is huge, from corals like these to hot goth purple based shades. I might just try one of those and I’ll make sure I have some bronzer on before I do. Ain’t nobody need to see ghosts in the mall on a Sunday afternoon.

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer/$32/Sephora

Too-Faced-Hangover-Primer (1)

I don’t use primer but I’m thinking this will be a great first purchase. Infused with coconut water that’s meant to hydrate and nourish instead of just sit on the surface like many other silicone based primers. Plus it smells like a tropical vacay. Huge bonus.

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler/$60/Ulta


Just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean you can’t carry over your beachy waves. Those are ALWAYS in style. This little tool is perfect for creating idiot and klutz proof waves. All it takes is the touch of a button and the peasant work is done by the wand. It catches the hair and curls it. I sense a hint of a sh*tstorm for hair that tangles easily but I haven’t tried it so so right now it’s only a premonition. Someone make the purchase and advise.

Panasonic Gel Nail Removal Tool/$28/panasonic.com


I don’t get gel done only because I get bored easily and like to make use of my huge polish collection. I have had my nails done in a gel manicure and I recall the horrific task of trying to get that crap off once it’s gone ratchet. Enter Panasonic. This is your God send if you’re a slave to the gel mani. It has 3 attachments – a file, a gel polish remover, and a sander – all which assist hugely in getting your nails ready for the next mani. Genius.

The Body Shop Solid Argan Oil/$14/Bodyshop.com


Okay this is it for me. Must have. I swear by this stuff – especially for hair. It’s almost obscene how soft it leaves your hair, whether it’s straight, curly, frizzy or fake. I’m floored that they’ve come out with this style – similar to their body butters. Easy to apply and it’s heavenly for your elbows, knees, cuticles and any random dry patches you may unfortunately have. Can’t wait to review.

Benefit Majorette Blush/$28/Sephora


I can honestly say I own one cream to powder blush and I’m not all that ashamed. I find it’s a little harder to apply and ends up a little streaky if you don’t take care and put in work. This peachy hued shade is perfect for a formula like this. It’s enough color to ensure you have a cute flush and not the remnants of Saturday night’s makeup sweating off your face. I’m definitely going to try this and use a fluffy brush for a more natural look. Sold.

SheaMoisture Jamacian Black Castor Oil Shampoo/$11/sheamoisture.com


Not the girliest smelling shampoo but there’s nothing girly about an itchy flaky scalp either so deal with it. This is a God send for coarse, frizzy and dry hair. I remember when I used to douse my strands with a tar smelling product to get flake free and this isn’t really that different but the packing is way cuter. It’s sulfate free, contains apple cider vinegar for regulating pH levels, and softens at the same time. Definite hair arsenal for those with scalp issues. NOT a first world problem.

As always, let me know if you purchase.


Beauty 101: Elle Woods Approved Pinks

Bend and Snap.

If this post doesn’t leave you reciting lines from Legally Blonde, I’ve failed as a blogger.

I’m well aware that dark vampy and 90’s lined lips are major for Fall but it’s nice to have a alternative option when everyone’s working with the same color palette.

Pink has always been my go to everyday shade when it comes to lips, nails and girlie accents. It was hard picking some of my favorites but I came up with a pretty solid arrangement…


1. MAC Cremesheen in Creme Cup

I’m a matte girl and tend not to stray from it unless I come across a formula that mimics a matte. MAC’s Cremesheen formula is a nice example – the color is fairly intense and it shows up nicely on the lips. I don’t like their Satin or Lustre formulas but their Amplified is another alternative to matte as well. I picked this shade after browsing Instapics and loved how it worked as a pink-y nude. I was a little dismayed that it wasn’t as intense a pink as I thought it might be (intense in terms of packing a lot of color) but when I mix it with something brighter it’s the perfect shade to tone it down with. Try mixing it with Faux or Girl About Town (both by MAC). If you’re searching for a nude based pink – this one is it.

2. Essie nail color in Fiji

I am absolutely infatuated with this shade. It’s elegant and classy, wears well (an application lasts me 5-7 days) and is compliments a wide range of skin tones. The light pink is a nice break from nude but it’s still light enough to be considered as such. Love love love this for a feminine look. Oh, and because I’m rocking the claws these days – this shade is foolproof for a longer nail. Think more refined, less gaudy.

3. YSL Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose

I’ve already raved about this lipstick deliriously in past posts. The formula, the color, the staying power – all incredible and so worth the higher price point. I love the juicy look it gives and the color is ridiculously intense. Hands down one of my favorite pinks.

4. NARS Blush in Sex Machine

I was hesitant when I picked this shade but because it was a Nordstrom exclusive, my anxiety kicked in and I had to have it. I just couldn’t take the sleepless nights not purchasing would result in. So glad I picked it up. It’s the prettiest, softest light pink – and it shows up on my more olive skin tone too (my main concern was that it would be too light) but I was wrong. NARS blushes are known for the impactful colors and this one is not to be excluded. I like it for a nice flushed look. It’s probably not the shade you want if you’re looking for a blush for a Vegas fueled getup but as an everyday shade it’s perfect.

5. MAC Lip pencil in Embrace Me

I don’t usually wear lip liners but I figured I might as well put this one to use, as it was part of a set. Again, so glad I came across it. I usually wear it underneath something a little lighter and the ability of a lip liner to transform your lipsticks is fascinating. I love it under nudes and lighter pinks, it’s definitely a good shade to have if you mostly wear lighter colors. The 90’s chola lip is back, and this might not be the shade to use for trying it out but as a careful transition – it’s perf.

Now all you need are some complimentary separates, a chihuahua, and a platinum do.



Wear Me: Bobbi Brown Surf & Sand Summer Collection

Bobbi Brown can do no wrong. Not that Bobby Brown. Bobbi. Bobby did a whole lot of wrong.

Another reason to lust over her luxurious products? Her new Summer 2014 collection that debuts this month…


The collection will be debuted at both Nordstrom and Macy’s and you can expect the prettiest summer shades, sun-kissed packaging wrapped in linen, and a lot of shimmer, corals, neutral pinks and creamsicle infused oranges. If that wasn’t enough to make you O, her popular Beach perfume (with jasmine, sea spray & mandarin) will be debuted in roller-ball form. Just in time for beach days, lazy evenings, and long nights.

That didn’t make me salivate whatsoever.

Scroll though the line up…think Ariel with a tan.

Surf & Sand Brightening Blush in Blush Pink $45


Surf & Sand Brightening Blush in Blush Bronze $45


Surf & Sand Eyeshadow Palette in Surf $65


Surf & Sand Eyeshadow Palette in Sand $65


Surf & Sand Beach Eau de Parfum Rollerball $25


Surf & Sand Long Wear Eye Pencil in Bronze $24


Surf & Sand Long Wear Eye Pencil in Black Chocolate $24


Surf & Sand Sheer Lip Color in Sunlit Pink $25


Surf & Sand Sheer Lip Color in Summer Nude $25


Surf & Sand Sheer Lip Color in Pink Taffy $25


Surf & Sand Sheer Lip Color in Peach Sorbet $25


Notice how she caters to both cool and warm skin tones? I can’t wait to indulge. I’m already envisioning the Sand palette with Summer Nude and Peach Sorbet. I’m craving ice cream all of a sudden.

Let me know if you splurge, I’ll definitely be doing a review once I make a purchase. Here’s hoping it’s a straight up rave.