Purchased & Reviewed: Marc Jacobs Beauty

I’ve been fangirling over MJ Beauty since it was born. From the Twinkle Pops that I hawked from the rooftops to the ReMarcable concealer and Le Marc Lip Creme lipsticks – I have yet to purchase a disappointment.

I recently added another nail polish to my collection. I’ve never posted on the polish (shame on me) and not because it’s part of a master plan to keep that goodness to myself so now is as good a time as any. I’m all about sharing the knowledge on the best shades, finishes, and brushes for your buck. I chose Blacquer because I haven’t had a black in a while and my go to is MJ. Also – it boasts the shiniest, deepest black your emo nails will ever display.


I also picked up O’Mega Lash Volumizing mascara when I was on a mission for the new Velvet Noir. I went with this one because I had a trial version that made my lashes look as if I plucked them off one of those freakishly terrifying dollies.

Behold my opinions.

*Disclaimer – They’re the usual wild delirious raves.

Enamoured Hi-Shine Nail Polish


Packaging: Short and flat – I love the outer shell of these polishes. The curved top is simply for decor and hides the brush inside. They look gorgeous and sleek on display and are easy to store if you’re not a crow like I am. The name Enamoured is inspired by Marc’s highly glossy, lacquered coffee table. His inspiration. Not mine.

Product: This polish has staying power. Enamoured yes – because you will not be able to fall out of love since it ain’t planning on leaving you anytime soon. Each use lasts significantly longer than any other polish I’ve ever used (including Dior & Chanel.) The only other polishes that have come close to the longevity are Deborah Lippman and Butter London. The shine is apparent and the application is fool proof. With a slimmer brush end it’s so easy to apply – preventing the embarrassing – I did my nails while drunk look.

Application: Each polish contains bonding agents that give off a plasticized, wet look. The creamy colours, the metallics and the mattes ensure chip resistant, fade proof, clump free manicures. The hi-shine is apparent in each polish (it boasts 1 application worth 30 coats). I can delightfully confirm that little nugget of truth as a fact but will say that the shine doesn’t last the whole manicure unless you’re someone who has hired help to do your manual tasks for you. Side eye.

Price: $22 CDN and $18 USD. Reasonable for a polish with lasting power like this one. I wouldn’t expect anything less considering its Marc Jacobs. These days all brand name polishes are $18-40. Hey, at least you save with an at home mani!

*Try them for yourself by clicking the title.

O’Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara


Packaging: Sleek, no nonsense typical mascara with a glossy exterior. I love how Bond all MJ packaging is.

Product: Sometime I’m apprehensive when I leave the house with this on. I would straight up snatch the lashes off a B and I full confidence in my suspicion that there will be no hesitation for someone to do it to me. It’s that good. They look THAT good. It boasts high drama lash extension with a ton of volume. I wouldn’t put it any other way other than by my whole doll metaphor above. It’s blacker than black, insanely volumizing (I always wiggle my brush with each application because I go sans curler) and will put falsies to shame. The double teddy bear brush (my favorite kind) is formed by stitching together two different brushes – that’s what assists in lash separation, curl, and volume. Reduces the amount of coats too…

Ingredients: Water based formula with rice bran, bayberry, carob and African acacia tree extract for that long ass stretch in your lashes. Essential oils for conditioning (and not clumping), and Vitamins B5 & C to strengthen and hold them up.

Price: $33 CDN and $26 USD. Steep for mascara but if you love it then it’s worth it.

Verdict: I came across some reviews complaining of smudging and clumping but if you apply it correctly there shouldn’t be a sign of either. I’m usually half asleep when doing my makeup and find that if you concentrate on application there shouldn’t be any smudging. Motivation is key here. If you’re an on the fly kind of girl applying mascara at a red light (or while in rush hour traffic) you deserve every single smudge you get. Also – shame on you for distracted driving you little jerk you. Soo…if you’re applying it with the right technique you’re going to reap the benefits. I absolutely love it. From the brush to the volume to the doll like fan out it gives me – yes yes yes. No. Yassssssssss.

*Try it yourself by clicking the link to shop.



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