Beauty Fix: Skincare Routine with Philosophy


Now, let me just issue a disclaimer here – this routine is mine and mine only. It’s worked for me – not to the point where I face the world sans cover up but to the point where I’m able to look in the mirror and not punch the glass. It may or may not rid your acne, may or may not brighten your complexion and may or may not transform the texture of your skin into something comparable to a gummy bear.*

*I love the feel of a gummy bear, taut and smooth. The typical baby’s bottom is shaky because a baby’s bottom may not always appear smooth especially when they have the unfortunate and ever inevitable bum rash. Gummy bears are always smooth, even when they’re missing limbs or have been sitting in your mouth of over 5 minutes.

My obsession with Philosophy products started with the shower gels in pretty much every whimsical scent you can sniff – escalated to the Pure Grace/Amazing Grace lust (which is still going HAM) and then with the simplistic yet truly effective skincare line. Big up to Purity. You my ride and die.


Each product is clean, easy to use and bottom line – works. Sure I would be slathering La Mer all over my extremities if I wanted forgo my wardrobe and add the collections companies to my Fav 5 list of callers but that’s not a luxury I really care too much to indulge in. I’d rather have Valentino Rockstuds every color of the rainbow and a simple skincare routine that I don’t have to spend all my minutes allocated for Netflix on.

Here’s what I use:

purity made simple



This here is the holy grail of cleansers (at least for me). You better recognize that when it comes to removing your Sephora shield, 24/7 liner, Retro Matte lipstick and all – this is what’s going to get it done. It’s award winning (Allure magazine), cleanses down to the pores, and hydrates all at the same time. A lazy girl’s dream come true. The 3-1 boasts cleansing, toning and hydrating – which I can attest to – I’ve been using it for almost 10 years and I have never had an urge to try something new. I sleep with white sheets and a duvet I’ve yet to find a cover for – I’m taking risks all over the dame place and I have yet to find my NARS sheer glow foundation on my pillow. No build up, no oily residue, and no clogged pores. YES.

the microdelivery



This peel is new to me, I’ve only been using it for a few weeks – not because I felt that I needed it but because it was part of a exclusive set that was too good to pass up. Pretty much anything that claims to resurface and rejuvenate skin is something I can at least try. If you have problem skin or acne, this will smooth out the roughness, minimize fine lines, and brighten and even out the skin tone. I haven’t used it every single day but a few times a week and I can already feel a difference in some once dry areas. Step 1 – The vitamin C peptide crystals are easy to apply, massage into skin for about a minute. Step 2 – The lactic/salicylic acid activating gel is applied on top of the crystals and it’ll give you a bit of a warming sensation as it starts foaming (which indicates activation). A few minutes max is all you need to let it do it’s thing and then cleanse it off for a brand new face. Kidding, it’ll just feel brand new.

hope in a jar 



This is one of my favourite moisturizers. It’s light, hydrating, and smells so nice and fresh. No oily residue, no rubbing into your skin for 37098 minutes, and no fuss. I like leaving the fuss for my daily contouring – so. It’s designed to be light and airy like a soufflé, or liquid cotton candy as I like to call it.  If you’re looking for something easy, capable and catered to all skin types – this bad boy is it.

And there you have it. A skincare routine that’s easier than typing out this blog post, easier than answering the phone while you’re scrolling through Instagram and easier than accepting that you can’t wear Uggs to the office.

the miracle worker 

(anti aging moisturizer)


Skin firming, moisturizing, and retains natural rejuvenation. I use this every night in addition to hope in a jar. It has a more gelatinous texture and I love it because a little goes a long way. I’ve been blessed with them good genes so I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles (praise Jesus) but prevention is huge so I use it anyway. Whether you have them or not this is a nice addition to your daily skin routine. The only wrinkles I welcome is when I scrunch my face up at unsavory characters.


You can find all the products here , here or here


Purchased & Reviewed: Laura Mercier Matte to Metal Caviar Stick Collection

I haven’t done in a review in a while and there’s no better review than a rave one where I drool onto the keyboard and foam at the mouth.

I picked up these Laura Mercier caviar shadow sticks a month ago and took the obligatory photos for this post specifically. Before these I was proud owner to one single shadow stick (my Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pops have accepted that they’re not the only bad bitches in the room) – obvs 1 is never enough, especially when they’re ideal for quick, effortless makeup application.


Here are all the feels:


Packaging: These minis are not so mini – so you get the most out of your cold hard cash. I love the twist pop shadows because they allow for you to choose just how much you want at a time. Everything else is sleek and minimalist – it’s how Mercier rolls. Oh, and the color swatch at the bottom tip of each stick is nice when you have hoards of makeup to go through and little time.

Formula: Just f*cking amazing. Glide on, creaseless, stay put shadow that’s easy to blend and apply. The colors are earthy neutrals and are include matte and semi metallic finishes.  If you’re looking for something easier than that you’re insufferable and unsatisfied with life whereas I recommend you should be on the receiving end of a reality check.

Price: For this little package – $58 is a steal – especially when each pen will cost you approx. $28 each. Keep in mind these last forever if you don’t go all Jenner/Kardashian on your face.

Verdict: Yes. If you’re a newbie to the brand then this set is made for you – it lets you experience the range of colors offered in the sticks and gives you bragging rights when it comes to having the newest and most noteworthy makeup around town. Is that just a junkie thing? Anyway, awesome for toting around in a makeup bag, really versatile color range for a variety of different looks and it’s cost effective. Go get.

I picked this set up at Nordstrom – currently the only home to it. Don’t blame me for the 1789 other items you end up purchasing from there. That’s the type of behavior I encourage so you’re SOL.

Make the purchase here.