Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Purchase

Valentino Rockstuds

I usually try to justify purchases like these and this time is no different. They’re nude so they go with everything. They’re extremely comfortable for such a uncomfortable looking heel. They’re easy to keep clean. They’re like, so huge still. My fluo pink ones were lonely. I can go on but would rather not embarrass myself any further. They are gorgeous. I can’t keep my eyes off them and that’s also my excuse for nearly rear ending the car in front of me last week. I sh*t you not – I would have repeated that to the officer. These heels are beyond anything. The 3 photos. I had to.




Favorite Beauty Product

MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Smoky Mauve

The last time I purchased a shadow from MAC was when I could barely master blending my crease let alone create chiseled cheekbones onto my face. I was in Nordstrom picking up Honeylove (one of my fav nude lipsticks) when my eyes landed on this shimmery little pot. Crow game strong. This liquid – powder formula is insanely prismatic, with tons of shimmer. Shimmer can be scary if you don’t know how to blend but when used right it just pops. The metallic finish is so pretty – I chose this mauve/pink shade because I thought it would go best with a darker mauve crease and a nude lip. Very similar to NARS’ shimmery single shadows. I blended this in with my most recent Naked palette to wear as a daytime look and it was gorgeous.


Favorite Read

Mary Kubica – The Good Girl

I am a fiend when it comes to reading. If i didn’t need financial support for my habits I’d quit my job and hole myself up underneath a faux fur and just lose myself for months on end. Mary Kubica is phenomenal and so is her first book – The Good Girl. I love the suspense, the emotion, and her ability to turn the reader’s world upside down. I was a blubbering mess at one point and biting my lip at others. You need to read this book. I’m almost finished with Pretty Baby – her second  most recent book and I’m just in awe of this woman.


Favorite Totally Unnecessary Purchase

iPhone 6S

I wouldn’t say this was entirely unnecessary because I didn’t cave when the 6 and 6 plus were announced. I currently own a 5S and find it sufficient for the most part but highly annoying when it comes to the lack of storage. 16G you are sooooo inadequate. I’m constantly uploading photos to my Mac and then deleting, plus I don’t get to take advantage of all the apps I’d like to experience. But really who am I kidding. It’s the photos. I want all my selfies at my fingertips. Is that so much to ask? In consequence, I decided to forgo another pair of designer shoes and instead order the phone from Apple because my contract with my sh*tty ass carrier had just come to an end. The freaks had all reserved the ones available at the stores and really, I don’t mind waiting a couple weeks for it to be delivered. The new features are intriguing, 3D touch, 4K video, moving pictures and a 12MP camera – oh hey. And because I’m so honest I’m going to straight out admit that you can put a high quality camera on a brick and I’d pay an exorbitant price for that thing. Better selfies? Charge it! Now. Now! That and the rose gold (cough, pink, cough) – I couldn’t pass it up.


Favorite Photo

Seahawk Season  

Jackson modelled his new Hawks puffer jacket last week. Two of my favorite things in one photo. I can’t deal. I found it on Coupaw but I believe it sold out pretty quick in all sizes. Checking wouldn’t hurt. It’s ideal for Fall and Winter – warm and easy to get on him with a removable hood for a little versatility. They need options too you know.


Favorite Food

Clean Eats

I see a naturopath once a month because I have some food issues (no I’m not referring to my obsess with wanting to eat cake for breakfast) – although I regard this act as eccentric and creative. Keeping life light you know? Anyway, in addition to the rice protein smoothies I’ve been eating/slurping for breakfast, lunch and snacks, I’ve been off wheat and pretty much anything else that tantalizes my tastebuds. In lieu of said carbs – Udi’s bread, brown rice and tofu is what I be working with. Throw in some veggies and black beans and you have a mexican fiesta – without the bottomless margarita and slurred speech. Behold one of my favorite meals. An open faced sandwich and cayenne dressed tofu.


Favorite Look


How can you not throw on a plaid already? Its crisp enough out that I can finally bring out the tall boots, the flannels and the sweater dresses. I love replacing pants with knee high boots – less Pretty Woman, more effortless. A basic tunic or sweater dress (which are huge this season) is all you need. A trench, flannel or button down worn casually around your hips or thrown over top offsets the heeled boot so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard or trying to make some extra cash.


Happy Weekend



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