Purchased & Reviewed: Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Hoarding at it’s finest – I didn’t really need this I just had to have it because it’s the shiny new UD Naked shadow palette. Me and every other makeup junkie in all the land.

I ordered it on Sephora online as soon as it debuted and eventually sold out for a while.


I went 3 weeks without wearing it because I’ve been waiting to review it with immaculate photo conception and after I’d gathered up the finest representation I allowed myself the first use. It’s like unboxing your first pair of Louboutins or laying eyes on the the newest Wildfox collection, or opening up a box of pizza – you savor that shit.


Here’s what I think…

Packaging: Iconic UD Naked – it keeps up with the previous palettes but seems more streamlined and has edgier lines. The magnetic closure is nice for keeping everything in place. I love the translucent cover with the swirls of smoke. Crazy dramatic.

Colours/Wearability: Yes to every single one. If you’re not planning on going too Kim K circa 2008 then there are softer more wearable shades for your daytime look – keep in mind it is meant to be a palette for creating the perfect smoked out eye so the colours tend to be darker. There are 12 good sized “neutral” shades from mattes, to satins, to sparkly – the neutral here describes the lack of jewel tones or bright pops of colour you’d expect in a MAC palette. Kidding, kidding. 9 of the colours are new and 3 are from past palettes – the greys, browns, taupes, and highlight shades are gorgeous and the range offers options for day or night.

IMG_4340 IMG_4339

Formula: It’s maddening when a colour looks pretty in the pan but ends up looking a hot mess on your face (yes face, fallout hello) because of the weak formula. This is not one of those times. If you’re no stranger to the previous palettes you’re aware that Urban Decay shadow (especially the ones contained in this palette) are vibrant, pigmented, and made to last. The innovative Urban Decay Pigment Infusion System is blend of ingredients (check out the site or Sephora for the actual makeup) that makes this stuff so awesome when it comes to blending and staying where you want it.

Price: Yeah it’s steep. But when you really think about what you’re getting out of the $54 retail price, it’s worth shelling out. 12 shades that are all wearable. I feel straight up scammed when a palette has like, 2 colours you can actually wear on a day to day basis – these are all wearable in one way or another – whether you’re doing a softer day look or whether you’re turnt on a Tuesday. The darker shades can also be used as a liner for a soft, smudgy look. Did I mention it comes with a full sized (no puny add on) double ended makeup brush? Yeah. Those assholes are worth at least $35 separately. You get it for free. No charge. Complimentary. On the hizzle. Free of cost. Shall I continue? And if you’re a makeup junkie – there’s no way you can continue on without adding this new addition to your arsenal.

Verdict: Yes and no. Yes because it’s amazing in respect to colour range, wearability, and longevity. No if you don’t think you’re going to make use of all the shades. You best not be purchasing this newcomer if you’re a little makeup fawn who just learnt how to get shadow into your crease. It may be a better idea to start of with the more compact Basics palettes (which are my absolute favourite by the way). You know you want it anyway.

You can get it here.




6 thoughts on “Purchased & Reviewed: Urban Decay Naked Smoky

  1. My husband bought me this palette for my birthday in July. It is one of my favorites! I love all of the colors. Definite thumbs up here! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Gah, it looks so gorgeous! I personally don’t think dark smoky looks complement my eyes, but just the packaging and that brush is making me want it. UD did it so right.

    • I know – I feel you! I do like that I can blend the shades enough to pass a daytime look off & if you did want to give it a go – I can confirm that the colours are easy to blend so they don’t look so harsh πŸ™‚ xo

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