Purchased & Reviewed: Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder & Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme Crayon

Laura Mercier is slowly becoming one of my favorite brands – could be due to the Cavier eye sticks, the fine powders or the artfully baked highlighters and bronzers. Could be due to the whole damn line. Don’t care – I’m hooked.

My trusty matte radiance highlighter is a month or so from disintegrating so I went into Sephora to replenish it but being the crow that I am – I was distracted by a new exclusive highlighter/shimmer/bronzer that was recently introduced. Cue angels singing and strumming on a harp (all with flawless makeup ovbs). Just when I thought I couldn’t come across anything better…

Hello Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder. You have come into my life and now I will clone the sh*t out of you.


Here are my feels:

Packaging: Classy and minimalist like the rest of the line. I love how such straightforward, simple packaging holds such gems on the inside. The inside? Work of art. This should be displayed in galleries all across the continent. I almost didn’t want to use it it was so gorgeous.

Formula/Coloring: Probably the best shimmer/bronzer I’ve put on my face. A simple sweep transfers a good amount of product. I use a larger round blush brush and apply on top of my cheekbones for a nice shimmer and really, all I need is one swipe. Instant shimmer. The pearly formula allows you to build up to the level you’re looking to achieve. I carve out the cheeks a bit so blending this into my contour adds a really nice sheen rather than a harsher matte look. The shading is a soft, pretty rose gold with a subtle gold underlay. You can use this as a highlighter for sure, just depends on what the shade of your skin is really. I recommend blending it into your contour/blush for the best possible effect. Maybe refrain from using on the area under your eyes as you would a lighter highlighter – you might not get the bright eyed effect you’re looking for. As for staying power – #allday

Wearability: I can make this work morning, noon, and night. It all depends on what else you have going on and what your makeup style is. If you’re looking for a more natural look then skip the contour and blush and use this as a bronzer to add a bit of glow. If you’re YouTube/Force Field strong then add it to your arsenal in varying intensity. Versatile as sh*t.

PriceI spent $50CAD on this bad boy. The USD price was $42 which I do think is a little pricey for bronzer but once I tried it on and my soul started glimmering through my skin – any qualms about price went poof. You can probably find a similar product for a thriftier price but I am smitten. It was one of those – buy it or have it stalk you around town kind of situations.

VerdictYou have to at least go check it out and see if it does it for you. I can honestly say it would be flattering on any skin tone. The radiance it adds to your routine is significant. Like I mentioned earlier you can use it as a highlighter, a bronzer or in places you want to had a bit of a healthy subtle glow.


You can get it here.

(The Canadian site is currently Out of Stock – it’s that good)

On to the next mind blowing purchase…

My sister’s purchase inticed me to see what the deal was with the Bite Beauty lip crème matte lipstick pencils. Again, my streak of being blown away by pretty much every single prouduct I bring home is strong. I don’t think I’ve disappointed myself since that NARS mechanical lip pencil that ripped a hole through my heart. This is one of the most amazing mattes I’ve put on my lips. I’m known to exaggerate from time to time – you know – I’ll die without mascara, I need that new Karlito purse charm before water/air etc etc you get the point….it’s not a rave review unless you’re drooling onto your keyboard and wanting to wear your lipstick to bed amiright?


The feels?

PackagingAgain, clean and minimalist is what you need on the outside when your product packs so much ferocity on the inside. These are even better than their frenemies because of the twist bottom (no sharpener needed).

Formula/Coloring: You need to take a seat for this one. Let me amplify this one key characteristic – this is one of the most hydrating mattes I’ve ever worn. No exaggeration. You can ridicule/heckle me if you don’t think so yourself. The not so secret ingredients are Resveratrol which acts as an antioxidant & Orange Peel Wax which locks in moisture leaving a waterproof armour on the lips. Also key players – Jojoba oil, fruit butters & Castor Oil – all of which leave your lips insanely hydrated and dewy. I put it to the test by applying at 7am and then not removing it until I removed the face before my workout at approx 530pm. I did retouch it after lunch, which is kind of a give in for all lipsticks in my opinion. Not a flake, a crease, or an unsightly residue. Nothing is uglier than a matte that is practically peeling itself off your lips in search for freedom for it’s dry ass, dusty ass life. Just, no.

WearibilityI chose the shade Sucre (a warm pink). I only had time to try on a few and when I put this on and looked in the mirror I was all “hayyyy what your name is? “why you look so good?” “why your lipstick so nice?” That did it for me. It comes in 12 different shades that I can’t wait to smother all over myself on my next Sephora trip. I love this shade for daytime/night. In terms of bearability (shade wise) it’s up to you – what you feel compliments your skin, what works with whatever else you have going on etc etc…there’s a shade for all types.

Price: $28 USD which I feel is appropriate for such an awesome product. I’d shell out extra for this stuff – it has such amazing staying power and I can barely feel it on my lips – you can’t put a price on a lipstick that both looks and feels good.

VerdictYou absolutely need this. If you’ve been searching for a matte that won’t dry out your lips, or you’re new to the lipstick game, then this is your transition product. It’s easy to use, easy to apply and so damn easy to wear. One of every color please.

 You can get them here .




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