Purchased & Reviewed: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick

This shadow stick game is strong. Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Nars…you can sit with them.

To me, the OG is the high falutin Twinkle Pop from Marc Jacobs but the aforementioned are right up there clawing its eyes out. This would have been a nice time for a comparison between the 3 I currently have in my collection (Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown) but I like to devote the limelight to one product at a time. The rest can give side eye from the front row.

I took advantage of a sweet coupon code Bobbi Brown online had for about a week a few weeks back and thinking it was a costly mistake on their website (clearly – because how else can I score 3 shadow sticks and a mascara for $50?!) I took full advantage.

This is what I got:

There’s a few different combinations available on the site (online exclusives) and I chose the Iced Blue  trio because it had a really nice neutral golden hued shade (in most sets), a darker crease enhancer and the most amazing ice blue I’ve ever laid eyes on. Behold.

Left to Right: Ice Blue, Vanilla, Forest, Bark


Packaging: Typical sleek and pro looking as all Bobbi Brown products are. I love the minimalist look. Totally throws you off to the pops of colour inside.

Formula: Dead. The formula is a more matte cream based shadow (compared to other brands). It applied very easily with just a few strokes and lasted all damn day. I put on my face around 545am every morning and it lasted until I wiped it off. Because it was cream based I thought it would feel sticky and would be harder for me to apply my liquid liner on top – nope. No struggle. It’s also waterproof but I mean I don’t watch Grey’s with makeup on nor do I stand in the rain waiting for it to wipe my face off. The only issue you might have is when you’re blending – because it’s cream based it may be a little harder to blend if you’re not a pro, so – work quick.

Wearability: Like I mentioned, it’s an all day clinger. I didn’t experience any flaking, dryness or creases (I tried it without primer as well just to make sure it wasn’t a side effect from that). The colours range from neutrals to jewel toned shades like Forest and Violet Plum. If you like palettes like Urban Decay Basics they you’ll die for this colour spectrum.

Price: I scored this set for $62 ($52 with my 15% off code). It was worth over $100 so that really did it for me. Most of the shadow sticks in the same class are approx $30-$37 and 1 of these retails for $29 USD and $34 CAD. I find the price to be fair because they’re long lasting, the colours are gorgeous and if you’re a makeup hoarder then you’re used to the higher price point.

Verdict: Oh hells yes. You need to try at least one of these out. They’re amazing for those that don’t like spending too much time with shadow and brushes – or those that are a little uneasy with applying makeup. They’re practically foolproof. Go get you some.




You can find them here:

Bobbi Brown


Oh – and in case you’re wondering I also purchased one of my favourite lipstick formulas – Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Pink Nude. (One of the most moisturizing mattes I’ve ever used).

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