Purchased & Reviewed: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

I really wanted to abstain from saying this but – my brow game is #onfleek.

Not that I was housing a husband and wife caterpillar family on my forehead or capping a sharpie every morning – they’re just more pristine than they were before. Why are they so pristine? So perfectly filled in? Anastasia. Duh. I feel like she should throw a couple bucks at me for the mayjah review I’m about to give on the Brow Wiz.


Packaging:  Akin to her sleek but elegant packaging and casings, it comes as a slim pencil, longer in length than some others because of the spooly on the other end. The pencil is cased with a long cap on one end, with the spooly capped by a shorter cap on the other end. Love how stealthy it looks.

Ease of Use: For beginners, this pencil is a godsend. The retractable tip is purposely sharp yet nubby enough to blend so that you don’t fashion yourself with a permanent look of consternation. Once you’ve filled in what needs a little extra you brush and blend the color and your brow hairs into place with the spooly. I like using a little bit of brow gel with it just to keep everything in place, but as I’ll explain next, the formula of this pencil barely requires anything additional.

Formula: I honestly wasn’t expecting this pencil to be any different from others I’ve used but I admit that I was foolish for thinking so. Anastasia is the brow queen for a reason. The pencil mimics your natural hair and doesn’t budge unless you’re purposely blending it in. It gives off an almost waxy finish without being waxy. Whhaaat. Yes. The short fine tip ensures you don’t get any harsh, blunt lines ‘a la teenage years, ‘a la putting makeup on while drunk, ‘a la I accidentally shaved off my eyebrows. Oh, and did I mention Anastasia is cruelty free? I got love for those who got love for little creatures.

Verdict: Yes. Everything yes. No room for criticism here. The pencil is a two in one. It’s a tool that everyone should have in their beauty arsenal. It’s perfect for filling, lengthening, drawing in, pretty much everything wrong with your brows will be made right with the grace of Anastasia.





You can get yours here and here.

*I have dark brown (they’re changing names right now but you should be able to find a shade that works for you – there’s tons that will suit any brow).

**I know the contrast between the pencil and background is almost minute. Whoops.



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