Purchased & Reviewed: Diorskin Star Weightless Brightening Studio Foundation

The sh*t I went through in order to find a new foundation was annoying. Usually a trip to Sephora for me (and 98% of girls everywhere) is like eating chocolate. The experience is marvellous, the simple purchase of the product is thrilling and the guilt you feel afterwards is inevitable.

I currently use a couple of different foundations but was starting to run out of my Urban Decay Naked makeup and wanted something similar in terms of shade, weightless-ness and coverage. I didn’t have a lot of time last weekend so I mistakenly had a “beauty advisor” grab me the new NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation for me. A rookie mistake made by a professional. I was flat out disgusted with myself for being so trusting. I mean, sure it’s my second home but you don’t fart in front of your extended family – you don’t ask others to pick a foundation match for you. It’s science.

Long story short – I tried it on the next day and cried because I looked like Tan Mom. Traumatizing. Definitely a far cry from the usual high I feel after making a purchase. Obviously I took it back and shamed the girl for giving me makeup which would look beautiful on – a black girl. I believe the shade she gave me was Syracuse. I’m a Stromboli. See? Insert active bitch face here.

After all this distress and outrage I consulted with Sephora’s in house makeup match program and found something I could get cozy with.



I chose 031 – Sand because it’s a perfect match for my skin. I’m blown away. Let me break it down for you.

Packaging: Elegant and sleek, as most Dior packaging is. The bottle is 30ml and the method of extraction is pump based. I like that because it gives you a nice amount instead of a dollop of foundation that you don’t need and end up wasting because it’s smothered all over your brush and/or fingers.

Formula: This formula is specifically designed to brighten otherwise dull looking skin. In no way do I believe that my skin is dull but a little brightening never hurt nobody. It helps in regulating melanin production in order to boost radiance and get rid of dark spots. It also contains liquorice extract which helps increase your skin’s microcirculation which in turn, reduces redness. The smooth application is what did it for me. So weightless, it practically glides on (and no signs of streaking or cakey residue). It covered up any and all blemishes (I had a couple breakouts thanks to that dismal time of month and you’d think they sprinted off my face). The end result was practically flawless. No cakiness, smooth and blended, and a significant brightening factor. Floored.

Price Point: It’s $50CDN. It’s definitely higher in price but I’m finding all brand name face makeup is. I was expecting it to be a little pricier because it is Dior but after trying it out it’s definitely worth it for me. There are a lot of foundations you can get for a little less but something that boasts so many significant attributes, it’s appropriate.

Verdict: Yes. No – Yasssssss. The formula does just what is claims. My face was flawless in the end. The pump gives you just the right amount of product, the coverage is insane, and it feels feather light on your face. If you’re looking for a medium yet build able, weightless coverage with a formula that brightens and  rids your face of imperfections this is it.


You can get it at Sephora and Nordstrom.

If you try it, let me know your thoughts!




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