Purchased: Zara Electric Blue Strappy Slingbacks

Prologue – I have been trying profusely to find a pair of electric blue strappy sandals comparable to these Sergio Rossi caged pair I’ve literally been losing valuable sleep over. I first saw them on one of my favourite heavy hitting style bloggers – Maja Wyh, and everything about them was ingrained in the vast space I reserve in my brain for shoes. This love affair started last Summer and since I’ve been disappointed with the selection of similar choices. Especially since the Sergio Rossis have been sold out wherever I do find them. I had hung my head and had already begun allocating funds to invest in a different pair, you know, to appease the pain, when I came across these….


I had straight up given up hope in ever finding a pair that even came close to what I wanted. I was in Zara this weekend to return an online purchase because in my excitement I had accidentally purchased 2 of the same item. (This happens when there’s a sale, combined with a gross lack of care when it comes to double checking the final amount after the transaction is completed.) I mean, the heart wants what the heart wants right? The rest is filed under minute gnat like detail.


Back to the story – So here I am, admist a huge sale and tons of zombie like shoppers with sweat stains under their arms (and other unsightly areas) and I decide to suck it up and take a quick jaunt around the store just in case there’s something that will catch my eye.*

*Side note: There is ALWAYS something that catches my eye. I am a magpie. There is no way I was leaving empty handed.

You should have seen me glance right and then left when I saw them. Like I was leaving a bank with 10.3 million dollars stuffed into a duffle bag.

Cue angels singing. (Or Fergie’s Labels or Love).


 Fine. They’re not leather and they’re not Sergio Rossi, or Aquazurra BUT they are damn good dupes. I didn’t have to convince myself or talk myself into making the purchase because I was too busy making sure no one else had their sights on them. I’d bless you with a couple photos of the first #OOTD but I didn’t get a chance to wear them out yet, and although the pajama look is hot, trust me – what I had on with them is nowhere near trend worthy.

I drove home with my mind frantically creating countless outfits where these would excel to their fullest potential. I can’t even. Really, so many options. I love the color, the “cage” is less cagey and more strappy bohemian – which I love (I find that a harsh cage look with this shade would cheapen the appearance.).

The 4 (and a bit) inch heel is a little high but I’m used to strutting around in a heel so I doubt it’ll keep me from wearing them to the supermarket.

Epilogue – I’m floored. So happy I found something to appease my thirst for the Rossi sandals. I do like to indulge in a designer shoe or 2 (or 6) and find the the quality is definitely worth the higher price but I had to have these because I haven’t come across anything – even designer wise – with this exact style. I like Zara’s quality for the most part – I have a bunch of different pairs that have held up really well so I am a repeat offender. I usually don’t purchase a shoe under a certain price point and I feel like that’s pretty pompous of me but hey, I’m a bit of highfaluting asshole. What can you do?

*You can get them here


I don’t want any of you to suffer when yore faced with the horror story or a pair being sold out so here are some similar styles…

(Scroll over the title to shop)

Manolo Blahnik Gori Cage Sandal


Madden Girl Raceyyy Ghillie Dress Sandals


Tamara Mellon Glow Metallic Suede Sandals


Sergio Rossi Suede Cage Sandals in Blue Cobalt – these are the pair that are sold out but I thought I’d include them just in case you hit gold in your online search.


Christian Louboutin Laurence Leather Cage Laceup Sandals


Schutz Erlene Lace Up Sandals


Jimmy Choo Gladys Lace Up Sandal 


Pierre Hardy Strappy Cage Sandal 


Sergio Rossi Antiope Blue Satin Gladiators


Aquazzura Beverly Hill Suede Lace Up Sandals


Aquazzura Sexy Thing Suede Sandals 


It’s so much easier to find pairs in neutral and black than it is blue, but there are tons more out there, these are just the ones I’ve come across.

Every day is Shoesday.




3 thoughts on “Purchased: Zara Electric Blue Strappy Slingbacks

    • Yes girl, I can’t even explain. But make sure you get your size or bigger. They have a hook and eye closure in the back and when they’re all done up they can wreak havoc on your ankles! They are so hot though. Thanks for following xo

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