Purchased: January Favorites

So much for my goal to act like a peasant last month. I can commend myself for not making as many clothing related purchases but as a treat for accomplishing that, I’ve bought myself makeup and decorative items. I’ll never succeed. And I don’t quite care. The fact that I’m making the attempt is enough for me.

Whilst mourning the lack of shoe, bag and clothing purchases I managed to accumulate some pretty impressive effects. So cutting through the chatter – these are my January purchases that were too good to not share. (I’d like to mention here that I should be ashamed but am not).

*I know it’s February 8th. Better late than not at all.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Polish in Milk and New Wave 


After my first Enamored polish, there was no way I couldn’t have just the one. My purchase justification rests upon the fact that this stuff is heavy duty. It lasted more than two weeks, and then some. And that’s mostly because I decided to change colors, not because it was chipping. I chose Milk (which you can only get as an exclusive on the MJ site here) and New Wave, which is available in stores as well, specifically Sephora. Milk is a really different shade for me. It’s an almost nude but a luminescent, truly milky finish. Kind of an iridescent pearl look. Very chic, and a really nice shade to wear day to day. It’s understated but definitely stands out. New Wave is the most majestic royal blue shade. It’s deep and carries some pretty major drama. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive so I can hook myself up with brighter shades like Shocking and Snap! These two are gorgeous Winter shades…

Lush Solid Conditioner in Jungle


Each time I went into Lush looking for a conditioner I looked right past this one. I didn’t think a solid could do much for hair restoration. I have always used conditioner in a liquid form, a true creature of habit. Anyway, I broke the product mould. I have been shamed by a solid conditioner. This is amazing. I made the purchase early in January and still have 70% of the little round bar left. The smell is so fresh and clean, as I find most Lush face/hair products to be. It doesn’t seem like much but when it’s worked into a lather (which is effortless might I add) the cocoa butter in it starts working it’s magic. It’s been known to slide onto hair easier and once it dissolves into the water it leaves your hair feeling like you’ve just performed an intensive mask treatment. No squeaky feeling, no dryness. Just soft, completely detangled, fresh feeling hair. It’s the cocoa butter, avocado extract, passion fruit & kumquat you’d like to send a thank you note to….here


Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme in Oh Miley and Infamous


You better believe I dropped everything to ensure I got my greedy little hands on these highly anticipated lipsticks. I had added the ones I liked to cart (Sephora online – because the stores didn’t have the full collection just yet) and clearly didn’t move my shaking fingers fast enough. They were selling out as I was browsing so I consider myself lucky to have scored these two shades. You can head over to the MJ Beauty website to look for yourself because out of the 20 shades sold online at Sephora there are only 7 currently available. Oh Miley is described as a Strawberry Spice and Infamous is soft peony. I have yet to receive them but I’ll make sure to do an in depth review before you make the purchase. I’m almost positive Sephora will be re-stocking online and in stores but until then you can make your purchase here. The selling factor? 10 hour stay put lipstick that coats your lips with a buttery, velvety pigment with just one swipe. And they stay moisturized with the effects of sea berry, cocoa butter and Meranti. I can’t wait to try these out. *Update – Check out my review, awe-struck is the lesser way to describe my reaction here


Faux Hydrangeas


I’m still annoyed that I’ve gone against my die-hard, adamant belief that fresh blooms are the only flowers you should be working with. I’ve always thought that faux flowers were tacky and too dollar store décor for me but I was wrong. I stand corrected – actually I sit corrected because I don’t feel like shaming myself to that extent. I’ve realized that it’s all in the style, the make-up, and the type of flower arrangement you pick. The more realistic they look – obviously, the better. I tend to lean towards hydrangeas, peonies and roses (when I do purchase fresh). They compliment any space, look elegant and fresh and are neutral enough to add a natural, clean focal point to the surrounding area. I ordered these from Amazon because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in any of the stores I went to. They look so real that I don’t feel like such a hypocrite every time I pass by.

Trinket Tray 


I picked up this little trinket tray from Chapters during their after Christmas sale. It was under $10. So necessary. Very Kate Spade. I like anything with a simple gold accent, especially against a white background. It’s easy to work into whatever décor you have going on, whereas I find a black base a little kitschy. I have it sitting on my bedside table – a nice catchall for my jewellery.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are – Anne Berest, Caroline de Maigret, Audrey Diwan & Sophie Mas


Caroline wrote this book with her 3 girlfriends as a tongue in cheek guide on how to deal with the first world problems every fashion (and unfashionable) girl has. A blasé undertone. My favorite kind. Also, it looks really chic displayed on my vanity (admit it – this is an Insta-worthy read).

Strand Lights


I came across these at Urban Outfitters while Christmas shopping, but – because I was only making purchases for others, I held off until a few weeks ago. I first had the idea to string them around my throne bed, but realized I have a padded headboard which clearly didn’t support such a thing. (A downfall of tunnel vision shopping). I decided to string them around my vanity and I can confirm that said lights were a superb buy. Complete transformation. I like how they give the look of actual bare bulbs, but a softer more subdued version. I would love the real deal but these are doing a good job in tiding me over…


Wildfox Teddy Sweater

It’s a teddy bear sweater. With swingy sleeves and a nubby material you can just wrap yourself in. C’mon.


Wildfox Superbowl Baggy Beach Jumper

I know I said I wasn’t clothes – shopping but this had to happen. My favorite brand comes out with a Superbowl capsule collection? It’s a no brainer. Really. I didn’t even have to enter in my info, just add to cart and purchase. I hope everyone experiences that simple pleasure at least 357426 times once in their lifetime.


I love reading about everyone’s favourite monthly products. I usually mention mine in my Friday Favorites posts but there were too many this month. Again, sorry to my 2015 Resolutions. My bad.



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