Wear Me: The Black Tight

This garment right here is my winter staple. If I’m wearing a skirt, shorts or a dress I’ll most likely be wearing tights. I have olive skin but in the winter I’m also known as Casper the not so friendly ghost. Tights are the best way to cover up pasty legs and to make your outfit look put together and a little more upscale. With so many styles and finishes to them it’s hard to sometimes choose which pair go best with what look you’re trying to garner but this post should help take some of the guesswork out of it.

Black matte are by far my favourite, and most versatile but knit, polka dots, sheer and other finishes are nice touches as well. The hardest part of throwing on a pair of tights for me is to not look so Forever 21 and more J Crew. The key to that is keeping the overall look chic and not cutesey. Using monochromatic pieces, neutrals, chunky knits, overcoats and trenches, and sleek shoes are your best bet. Layering dresses with kits, stacking the knee socks, pairing tights (only) with dresses and adding a ton of jewellery will take you in the direction you probably aren’t looking to head in. Think less tween party goer and more Mary Kate couldn’t find her pants that day. Just with a little more thought.

Here’s a little inspiration – plus links to my picks.



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  ab8ae2c72a4e9688746e8c503af18565   b9e7c75cf852f7549ef9540974733bed  c17c1dfad450d92db6d5d6e91897a275 c509a887d76580a9fccf8f0510f7026a

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You can shop them here:



J Crew


Revolve Clothing



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