J’Adore: Diptyque ‘s Rose Collection

This post is so long overdue that I am actually ashamed of myself. The soft, classic scent of rose is one of my absolute favorite smells ever. A little contradictory because I tend to seek out more original concoctions that the classic no nonsense fragrances. This is definitely the exception.

I have a sufficient collection of Diptyque candles I think. But I’m always adding. So I guess sufficient may not be the right word, especially not for a product hoarder like me. I love everything about them – from the luxe heavy glass, the elegant yet simple design, the throw of the scent and the fine, nature inspired fragrances.

Speaking of hoarding, these Diptyque candles play right into my love for a classic rose scent – but they’re anything but simple.




A clean rose. Part of Diptyque’s “Floral” collection. It’s soft yet so crisp, kind of like walking by a rose bush and catching the scent wafting through the air. Oh yeah.

Rosa Mundi


I didn’t think I could relish the scent of roses any more than I did before I laid nostril on this. Described as the ancestor of old roses, including the centifolia. It garners it’s name from Rosamund Clifford – mistress of Henri II. Legend has it that the king, to protect it from intruders, has planted around the hunting lodge that housed their love, a maze of boxwood. But nothing helped, and the queen poisoned the belle. His grave, each year, was the king of flowers by these sumptuous roses. The history behind most Diptyque candles are what makes them that much more luxurious and covetable. Housed in opalescent glass (just like the one below) the fragrance is one to be rivaled. I wish I could tote this around with me everywhere I went. *Unfortunately, because it was an exclusive scent, I can’t seem to find it at any of the luxury retailers like Saks, Nordstrom, or Barney’s. If you come across it, let me know…



The newest addition to the rose scented collection this candle gives me visions of a royal rose garden, with ivy crawling up every structure as far as the eye can see. Rose with hints of galbanum and geranium. The Turkish rose is the prettiest petal soft scent but a distinct divergence from the typical scent of rose. Honestly, I haven’t smelled anything like it. And the packaging – fit for a Queen.

I’m not being a pretentious ass when I say that I firmly believe that Diptyque candles are far superior. Sure, there are other candles that smell great but the look, the longevity, the recyclable glass jars and the overall scent are unbeatable.

You can peruse them here. There isn’t one fragrance you won’t find suitable for your nasal delight.

Diptyque Paris




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