Purchased: Stuart Weitzman Highland Suede Boots

The fact that I spent the better half of 2013 drooling over these boots is a testament to my price justification. Plus they’re versatile, wearable with pretty much every single outfit I own and are hands down the hottest boot out there (months of sold out boutiques, sizes and late November restock dates say so).

I am smitten.


I went with the black suede as opposed to the sand shade. Mainly because black is my wardrobe staple and I find it’s easier to keep clean…


I purchased a suede protectant and cleaner (along with handy little brush) faster than the drool could dry up, so that I can spend my Sundays refurbishing them to perfection. I highly suggest doing this for any kind of suede boots you may have, whether they’re designer or not. Totally prolongs the longevity and keeps them looking brand new.


I have like 10 more OOTD posts where this came from. All season long son, all season long.

Oh right – you can sign on for wait lists here:




Check out the many personalities…

624 4n5ksq-l


Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 6.05.37 PM


These babies have so much in store for them…can’t wait.



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