Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Purchase

Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots


Oh yeah I did. After lusting over these for the past 10 months I’ve finally made the purchase. There was no way I was going into Fall without these boots. I got them in Black Suede and I have an inkling I’m going to be wearing these more than I wear underwear. Just saying.

Favorite Beauty Product

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore


The newest shade in the NARS pencil collection. Um, perfect shade for Fall. I tried it on at Nordstrom and they were sold out so I managed to grab the last one at Sephora (in Bellevue). I’m sure they’ll re-stock considering it’s a new shade and it’s already selling out like crazy. I like it because you can both soft and more heavily made up looks. Definite must have for Fall/Winter.

Favorite Scent

Diptyque Roses


My absolute favorite brand of candles if you don’t already know (should I start a registry there just because? Would that be too presumptous?) Anyway, I held off on purchasing this particular scent because I have the limited edition Rosamundi and I figured it would smell pretty much the same. I figured wrong. I will never make assumptions when it comes to beauty products and/or fragrances. As you know assumptions only make an ass out of you and you only. The scent is the true rose. This is definitely your Grandma’s fragrance. I ain’t mad at that.

Favorite Look

Deep lips, big messy hair and oversized sweaters.


I’ve actually been waiting for an appropriate time to rock this getup. But come to think of it – I do many inappropriate things at all kinds of times so what’s stopping me now? Nothing actually. I mean it’s like 80 degrees out but a killer dark lip will definitely distract from an oversize knit when it comes to sideways glances.

Favorite Wish List Item

Wildfox’s One and Only Flagship Boutique


I’m in the midst of planning a trip to LA for October but now I think I may have to move up the tentative travel time. Wildfox has finally opened up a flagship boutique and it’s everything I could have imagined. Girly, elegant, dreamy and best of all – packed with all things Wildfox. I won’t be surprised when I see a mermaid riding a unicorn through the checkout. Can’t wait.

Favorite Past time

The Killing


I’m usually a little ashamed to admit that I’ve been burrowed in my sheets spending quality time with Netflix for a span of 8 hours but not this time. Or during House of Cards. Or OITNB. Or SOA. Okay whatever I’m never ashamed but that’s besides the point. This show has me hooked. It’s like a riveting James Patterson novel. The whodunit type drama is my flat out obsession. I know I’m hooked when my fear of killers and the dark are delegated to the deep crevices of my subconsciousness. I won’t ruin it for you. And the fact it’s set in my favorite place gives me that much more joy. Definite must watch.

Happy Weekend



5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

      • Ah, just the best. Seasons 1 and 2 were my favorite. 3 is quite a bit darker, but you’ll super fall in love with him here.

        Have you gone on a “find everything out about Joel Kinnaman that I can” internet search/stalk moment yet? One word: Robocop.

        Keep me updated.

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