Purchased: Lush, Nars & Bobbi Brown

I tend to head to the mall on days where I spent the better half being annoyed or saddened. Yesterday was one of those days. Don’t get me wrong – most of my spare time is spent online hitting “add to cart” but sometimes you need to be engulfed by that ever present scent of a mall. A mixture of cosmetics, faux food, and the sweat of mall rats. I’m aware that there are sights as well but I reserve my vision only for things that matter. Aritzia, Sephora, you know…

Anyways, I needed a mood pick me up and nothing solves a predicament better than shopping. Duh. I hit Aritzia first and I don’t want to spoil my haul post so I’ll leave you guessing for now…

I pranced into Sephora with only one thing on my list. HAHAHAHAHA. Not. Really though, I’m trying to stray from gluttony at the moment so I picked up what I wanted along with one other product I simply couldn’t live life without.  I spotlighted Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matte Lip Color on Friday’s Favorites. For good reason. I had tried it on a few weeks ago (I have Tawny Pink and it’s my go to shade) when deciding between both it and YSL’s Extreme Coral. YSL won because I love the texture and feel (plus I was feeling summery and wanted something bright and glossy). My abandoned lipstick has been following my thoughts like a lost puppy so I had to go in and make the purchase. I’m so pleased.


The texture honestly lives up to it’s monniker – creamy and smooth. Plus it lasts all day, is highly pigmented and doesn’t dry out your lips like many mattes do. I am a all matte all day kind of girl and I know how disheartening it is to purchase a matte you love yet have it dry out your lips. Kind of like crushing on someone and then finding out they like to pick their nose when no one’s looking. That exact feeling. This lipstick is your God send.


I was also in need of a new under eye concealer. Not like I don’t have any – my Marc Jacobs pot ReMarcAble Full Cover Concealer is amazing, I just wanted something a little different when it comes to application. A pot concealer takes time and great attention to detail when applying and it’s hard when you’re half awake in the mornings. The claws I’ve been sporting as of late don’t help either. So – I wanted a stick I could just slick on and blend in. This is the one I chose:

I know that NARS’ Radiant Creamy Concealer has a cult following but because I already have a couple liquid concealers I felt those were sufficient. For now. I love this NARS Concealer. The stick application is so easy, plus the coverage is full and blends well. I tried on Custard and ended up with it because I wanted something light with a yellow undertone (my skin is a golden complextion – or so I like to think) and this is perfect for creating a luminizing effect under the eye. It boasts: no creasing, long wear and an ultra light opaque texture. I’ll be the judge of that, although I’m predicting nothing but a rave review. I’ll make sure to publish a scrutinizing post on it sooner than later…


On my way out I caught whiff of Lush and was reminded that I wanted to grab the Ocean Salt Scrub that both my sisters have and love.


How can I rave about this stuff without sounding like I’m paid to do it? I can’t. It’s so good. Limes steeped in Vodka, grapefruit and salt with avocado butter, coconut oil and and seaweed. I can feel all that sh*t. The scrub is meant for face and body (and because I’m stingy I’ll only be using it for my face). Its purpose is to get rid of dead skin and leaving everything soft and smooth. I used a smidge and was left with soft, smooth skin. Someone pay me for this sh*t. I’m not kidding you. If you’re not ready to splurge on GlamGlow or a high priced scrub then ensure you opt for this instead. It’s still pricey ($21 for 120g/$35 for 250g) but a fraction of a higher priced scrub. I went with the 250g because I know I’ll make good use of it, and the extra amount was worth it for me. I’m annoyed I went without it for this long…


Let me know if you purchase.



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