Friday Favorites

I’ve started my Fall shopping (I was scratching and itching so hard I was starting to resemble a meth addict). I have so many beauty faves and fav purchases to share but I’ve managed to narrow them down…


My Aritzia…psych. Although I’ve secured some key new items for Fall I decided to do them justice with a separate post. These Steve Madden Stecy stilettos in leopard print are the perfect addition to my ankle strap collection. I love a little pop of print, especially on the feet. My all black ensembles are holding a meet and greet with them as I type.



Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matte Lip Colors are honestly my favorite mattes right now. They’re intense and long lasting, plus they don’t dry out your lips. Huge. True Pink is my go to shade, especially when I want something a little more neutral. I recently tried on Valencia Orange and holy sh*t – I haven’t come across anything even close to this shade yet. It’s a burnt orange base but you’ll have to check it out to see what I mean.



Duh. Was there any other option? Courtesy of Kim Gordon and her Wildfox inspo blog. I have a feeling I’ll be living in this come Winter. Floral head arrangement and all. One look and I’m on a hot tea, rose scented bath, tiny snowflake vibe…



Oh Saint Laurent. I believe this might be the second time this sneaky little bag is making the list. Clearly it’s haunting me. Clearly I’m not comfortable being haunted. Clearly I know what has to be done…



I’ve been eating completely clean for almost 2 weeks now (I go HAM once in a while to lean out) but still manage to sneak in a treat every Saturday. No one likes dealing with be on a regular basis – hangry? Forget it.  Menchies is my weakness. Although I’d rather indulge in Yogurtland or Qoola because I like it more tart than sweet, the distance to craving ratio is much more favorable. Fro yo is my go to cheat day treat. Not enough sugar to give shock my body but enough to not make me want to say f*ck it I’d rather be fat.



This one here. My heart is torn when it comes to her and then she goes and throws on something like this. Swooning. Effortless, chic, sexy and it hasn’t been done. Amazing combination. The bed head, the lace ups, the B&W touch? Flawless.

Rihanna in Hot Pink Hi-Low Dress


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