Beauty 101: Indie Polish

I’m not gonna lie. OPI and Essie are pretty comfy in the 3 bedrm, 2 bath condo in my washroom. They make up approximately 98% of my nail polish collection. Throw in some Deborah Lippman, Butter, and newer brands like Trust Fund Beauty, and I have a very loving, very functional blended family.

I don’t quite stray away from routine, which can be both sh*tty and pleasant. So, I’ve decided to try it out first with nail polish. One step at a time. Don’t judge.

I’ve come across some pretty promising and intriguing polish brands so check them out and let me know if you’ve tried any…

Oh, and my Louboutin red sole inspired polish is haughtily making its way toward me as I type.


Rescue Beauty Lounge/$20


Owner Ji Baek created these with us in mind. Less chunk, more color. Plus each bottle is 5 free, as recently introduced brands are right now (no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, or camphor). The collection includes shades like this, more timeless colors and textured shades like glitter.

Treat Collection/$18


This collection contains 54 different polish shades inspired by Berlin fashionistas. 5 free, glam bottle design, and free of gaudy shades. Each shade is super wearable, and classic. I’m really liking the weighted gold cap for vanity display. Huge plus.

Habit Cosmetics/$18


This sounds too go to be true. Each of Habit’s bottles are infused with nail strengthening myrrh especially for fragile nails. Vegan friendly, gluten free (ha ha), 5 free and against animal testing. Very cool. Oh, and the cap is made of bamboo. This sh*t is hipster approved. Nothing beats Earth and animal friendly product. Definitely ask for this before your next manicure.

Lauren B Beauty/$18


Ooooh I love whimsy. This bottle reminds me of the Sugar Plum Fairy. But in LA. With Celine sunnies on. Philip B (haircare guru)’s neice, Lauren has come out with these luxe polishes inspired by LA and all it offers. She’s actually a self proclaimed mani specialist so you know you’re getting the best of the best. These lacquers have been put to the working girl test. Which makes me so happy because it’s hard to keep a mani intact when you get down and dirty. With a keyboard. They’re chip free up to a week, or more. Whaaaat. Oh and there’s not 1 not 2 but 5 different nude shades for all kinds of complexion enhancement. I just ordered a bottle of Mulholland Drive and I can’t wait to get it.



Tenoverten’s home is a NYC Salon Chain which boasts rooftop treatment. (Dying).  So glad that they’ve decided to stock their polish at Sephora. Ever since OPI for Sephora got discontinued, I’ve been trying to fill a sad little hole. This collection contains only chic shades, like the one in the photo – Washington (a sheer white, which might I add is the perfect pairing for it’s namesake). No Vegas style glitter, and no day glo here, maybe a bit of metallic here and there but you can ensure each shade is wearable and flattering for pretty much everyone.

Mischo Beauty/$18


Brand ambassador Kitiya Mischo King started this chic collection after a crappy search for non toxic polish. Again, 5 free, free of toxins and animal adoring, this brand is known for it’s vibrant shades like the one pictured – Billie. I love the pigmentation from what I can see. And the packaging is perfect for display, which I’m a sucker for, as usual.

Priti NYC/$15

Did anyone else notice how all these polishes are $18? Finally a price change. Anyway, Priti NYC is popular among the runway crowd. The color range seems very versatile compared to the ones noted above. Pale pinks to dark plums like this one. The color gradient was produced to match the range of couture on the runway. It uses recycled glass for it’s bottle and they also have a soy based polish remover (would love to try that). Five free yet again. This is awesome.  Oh, and this shade is from their Fall collection. I must purchase, it’s such a great plum.

Let me know if you purchase!




4 thoughts on “Beauty 101: Indie Polish

  1. So, here’s my thing with these “indie” polishes… I know the tried and true strength of my beloved Sally Hansen, Nails Inc., Essie and OPI polishes that are all around $10 a pop. Why in the world would I pay $20 for an unknown brand?!?! That’s my biggest beef with these smaller brands – price better. *Steps off soap box*

    • Okay completely agree, completely. I’ve never tried the Sally brands but I feel that both OPI and Essie and some shades from Lippman and Chanel are worth it if the texture and color is pristine. I’m trying to get them to send me free sh*t so I can review them before I force others to make a purchase LOL.

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