Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Favorite Product

I am grossly in love with my new Smashbox bronzer. It’s like bronzing on a day in Malibu. The color scheme is surreal. I love the underlying pink and sheer tones for a nice blended look. Awestruck.


Favorite Purchase

I finally secured these babies. I am not late in the game, just lazy. Mirrored blue is the best way to look at Summer 2014.

e11e725bc5bb9418a9d09f9dc118a9b4 (1)

Favorite Outfit

I recently purchased a white boyfriend style blazer from Aritzia.  The term boyfriend is misleading here because it is a nice snug fit, albeit insanely comfortable. I have a couple in black and I love throwing them on in Fall and Winter seasons. Since I have an infatuation with all things white (yes, all things) I figured this would be necessary. I like pairing it with denim and skirts so I don’t end up looking like A. a marine biologist or B. a waiter. No offense to waiters.


Favorite Must Have Item

MAC Whirl Lipliner. You’re right. I am not over Kylie Jenner’s 90’s lip. I went and purchased Whirl because bloggers will twist their own thongs if you argue that it’s not the shade she’s currently been rocking. I got it, wore it and right afterwards I went and cut my hair. It’s either the perfect dupe or the exact shade. Now all I need is a footy. Faux Booty. And I’m not even into butts.


Favorite Photo

Current obsession – infused water. Just seeing a couple slices of lemon, orange or cucumber in a ice cold hipster approved jug of water makes me want to dive in.  This looks so refreshing.


Happy Weekend



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