Wear Me: The Fourth

Hi ya’ll. Aint no holiday like the 4th of Ju-ly. I mean, besides Christmas. But that’s apparent. That needs no explanation. It’s like stating the sky is blue. The grass is green. The best place to shop at is Nordstrom. It’s quite idiot proof actually. The Fourth is right up there with Christmas.

Almost makes me want to chew tobacco and hog tie a donkey. That’s what they do down in the South right? Are there donkeys in the south??

Anyway, I’m obviously wearing my pride tomorrow. You should too.

Wear it with…

Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Jumper Team USA/wildfox.com/$108 (Purchased and ready to wear!)


Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Jumper in Denim Stars/Revolveclothing.com/$108


Vans Authentic Van Doren/Revolveclothing.com/$50


Lovers & Friends Americana Shorts/Revolveclothing.com/$120


J Crew Lightweight Popover in Navy Plaid/jcrew.com/$88


Lauren Moshi Charlot Tank/Blacklabelboutique.com/$88


Rails Madison Button Down/Revolveclothing.com/$100


Chaser LA Rainbow Baseball Tee/shopkitson.com/$68


Blue Life Stars & Stripes Bikini/Revolveclothing.com/$56


TopShop Flag Front shorts/Nordstrom.com/$55


Tommy Bahama Beach Strip Cover Up/Nordstrom.com/$125


Equipment Rei Crew Neck Sweater in Cream/couturecandy.com/$328


Tarte Pandora Maxi Dress in Cloud/couturecandy.com/$174


Wildfox Steff Deluxe Sunglasses/shopbop.com/$160


Susana Monaco Bri Layered Shift Dress/shopbop.com/$190


Wildfox Chloe Overalls/shopbop.com/$319


One Teaspoon White Lovers/oneteaspoon.au/$140


Soludos Dali Flat Espadrilles/shopbop.com/$36


It’s actually pretty easy to put together a celebratory outfit. Short of wrapping yourself in a flag, I feel I’ve covered a wide range of suitable options…really, anything goes, just don’t end up looking like an over excited tourist from Toledo.

Happy Fourth of July




2 thoughts on “Wear Me: The Fourth

  1. Hog tie donkeys?!?! Hahahahahahaha. I don’t think we have donkeys down here… Although, I went to college with a girl who said she paid for college and our ridiculous sorority expenses with her “cow money.” I was like, “cow money?!?!” and she said “yep” with no further explanation… I still wonder what that means.

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