Purchased: Smashbox Must Have Metallics – Chic Copper

I want to punch myself in the face for not posting/reviewing my recent makeup purchases but I won’t do it with a full face of makeup. That sh*t takes time.

Anyway, I was browsing mindlessly through Nordstrom Rack this past weekend, but as we all know, there’s no such thing as mindlessly browsing in that place. You will always with come out with something you think you need, or something that is way too good of a deal to pass up.

This Smashbox set was one of those deals. Um $20? For 3 products and a brush? I was so blown away that I forgot I’m not really that into copper colored lip gloss. Oh well. I am now.

Here’s what it came with:


Lip Enhancing Gloss.


I actually quite like it. I will only wear gloss over my lipstick (matte ) because I find that when I put it on naked lips it’s never the color in the bottle and it’s stickier than I’d like.

Fusion Soft Lights (one of my favorite highlighter/bronzer combos ever formed).


Oh yassssss. This is what caught my eye in the first place. I LOVE Smashbox’s Soft Lights highlighter/bronzers and I’ve never tried this one. Amazing. It’s like a one stop shop sweep of golden dewey, twinkly, sun kissed color. I’m literally swooning.

Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio.


These colors are so pretty. The base shade is Nectar – perfect for the lid. I usually stick to these types of shades for a daytime look.

The copper shade is Penny. Really pigmented and the gold flecks aren’t as visible as I’d initially thought – which for me, is a good thing.

The darkest shade is Roast. Perfect color for the outer crease, and although I have similar shades in my Chocolate Bar and Naked palettes, you can never have enough neutral browns.

Contour Brush #11


I, like any other makeup obsessed female, have a ton of brushes. Brushes I need, brushes to stand in for other brushes, single color use brushes, and brushes that I have absolutely no need for other than to say I have a brush for that. I don’t have this brush. I don’t have anything like it. The slant, the texture, and the pickup power is so good. So damn good. I love it so much that I’ve forgiven myself for being overly confident about my collection.

The set is still available at Nordstrom Rack. It’s obviously not a recent introduction so there’s a limited amount. I highly suggest you drive like a woman with a purpose, push aside anyone who gets in your way, and pretty much pillage and desecrate in order to get yourself one.





13 thoughts on “Purchased: Smashbox Must Have Metallics – Chic Copper

    • Thanks girl! Much appreciated 🙂 I’m such a lazy little sloth, I have so many posts piling up in my head I never manage to get them published! I blame all the time I spend shopping. Oh right, that’s another post. I’ll have some up sooner than later! xo

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