Purchased: Paradise Mine Denim

I’d like to start of by saying that I had consistently treated Aritzia with pure and utter disdain after completing a stint there for a couple months, way back at band camp.  I found the employees pretentious without reason, the managers faux and self obsessed, and the work ethic similar to that of slaves on a plantation. ( I say this for comedic relief only – and for lack of a better metaphor, I am in no way making light of slavery and its encompassing era).

I had walked past those inviting displays in the window with my head held high and mighty, although at times my stomach hurt because I wouldn’t allow myself even a glimpse or a side eye. That time is now far in the past. The employees are less like the annoying little Koopa Troopas from Mario Bros. (yeah I made a old school Nintendo reference) and more like helpful little peasants. Not very knowledgeable, but helpful nonetheless. Their wardrobe selection has expanded tenfold. Not only recycling the same tired old cocoon cardigan anymore, but incorporating styles that are unique, wearable, and easy to style.  Overpriced as shit, but not overpriced enough to not be able to pull together a completely bullshit justification. Just how I like it.

Anyway, I still have a love/hate relationship with that place, perhaps because I know the innermost mechanics and sneaky, underhanded goings-ons within the establishment, but I have recapped and stored away my Haterade. Really this is attributed to the positive change in the high pressured sales staff and their wardrobe selection that’s too good to not purchase.

Nowadays when I walk into the place, I no longer feel that I am within the fire-y depths of telemarketer, credit card hawker, pop up mall cart pusher Hell. It’s more  like being in the home of someone who sells Stella & Dot. They’re sneaky as f*ck but are aware of their transparency at the same time. The perfect combination.

Oh right, so anyway, I was in dire need (#wardrobeproblems) of a new pair of dark denim. Something super skinny in the leg, soft enough to be worn sitting down, and quality in fabric.

Paradise Mine.

(I should direct movie trailers, no?)

Constructed in La La Land, cut from Japanese denim. It’s insanely soft, comparable to Sevens and Citizens. The fit is just right so that you can burst into 3 sets of 12 squats when the moment presents itself, and the shades contain the perfect amount of treatment.

I chose the Low Rise Skinny in Dark Vintage.


Let me honestly reveal that my first time wearing them left me breathless. Literally. I could barely f*cking breathe. I’m usually a 26 but I figured I’d get a 27 so that they’d be a little more accommodating, as they are a skinny. I was clearly too confident with myself. In efforts to make them a little more welcoming on my body I sat with them for 8 straight hours, did squats, and pretty much broke into a jig in hopes that they’d stretch out a little. My efforts were rewarded, albeit moderately.  I actually thought about going in a exchanging them for a bigger size but that would have shattered my stubborn notion that I am a Size 26. Not budging. Again, literally. I’ve been told to wear em out because they will stretch with each use so I’m in for another couple days of jerky movements and taking the stairs two at a time. Whatever. They look great when I’m standing.




2 thoughts on “Purchased: Paradise Mine Denim

  1. I’m living abroad and want to buy a pair of these jeans too – would you say to go up 2 sizes then, from your normal size?

    • Thanks for reading! I wore the a couple weeks ago and honestly – if you like them snug then stick with your regular size but I’d go up a size for them to be at their most comfortable (if you’re getting the darker pair). I got a pair of the light wash in the same style and they fit a little looser! Hope that helps xo

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