Purchased and Reviewed: Marc Jacobs ReMARCable Full Cover Concealer

I’m so guilty of being a sucker for a designer. Especially when it comes in the form of a beauty product. Call me a victim but at least my face is swathed in luxury.

Anyway I recently purchased this MJ Beauty full cover concealer after swearing by the concealer pen. I was looking to replace my NYX Full Coverage concealer with something a little stronger and luxe. Although the NYX did the job I’ve started comparing it to other designer brands and it started looking and feeling to me like the kid you’re friends with in elementary school that smells like cheese and picks it’s nose constantly but you pretend you don’t notice because you don’t want to be an asshole. It started feeling like that.

It’s replacement – 


Consistency – Creamy yet firm. Glides on smooth and is insanely easy to blend.

Coverage – Flawless. I’m not messing around here. The fact that it’s smooth and light feeling yet covers every single imperfection effortlessly is enough to justify a higher price point.

Packaging – I had to rave about it because it’s so sleek. I love the packaging on all MJ Beauty products. So chic. It comes in a glass pot with a screwable top. I swear it had nothing to do with the reasoning for purchase. Maybe a smidge. Like the smallest of a smidge.

Repeat Offender? Uh yes. Although I’m sure this’ll last me a significiant amount of time, this stuff actual does what it claims to do. I recommend this and the concealer/highlighter pens to a degree that I can’t put into words.

You’re welcome.



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