Reviewed: Trust Fund Beauty

Okay I’d like to start off by stating that anyone who gifts me with something, whether it’s a half torn stick of gum, a child’s drawing (not really, disfigured people and animals don’t mesh with my decor) or an actual gift that took equal parts thought, finesse and financial elements, can consider themselves at the top of my short list of people I like and happily associate with. The girls at Trust Fund Beauty are like, way up there right now. Really, their spot is secured for a considerable amount of time.



The tongue in cheek savvy scientists over there recently gifted me with 4 polish shades of my choosing. A gift of my choice? True love.


They are…

“What’s A Budget”


“Lavish Life”


“Just Talk to My Lawyer”


“Money Buys Happiness”


I was pleased to get 2 full bottles and a sample pack (either of which are available on their site). The sample pack idea is a genius idea if I do say so myself. Perfect for those who like to switch up their polish a few times a week and perfect for toting around too.

If putting each shade on a different nail wasn’t so Avril Lavigne circa well, her whole existence, I wouldn’t falter. Because it is, I’ve decided to try Lavish Life first with Money Buys Happiness on my toes.

Before I get to my review, can I describe how generous and b*tch friendly the HR team is? Stephanie and Samara just to name drop. Generous because well, they didn’t take my demands of 4 different colors lightly. And b*tch friendly because, honestly,  if someone rattled on and on about which colors they want and which shipping service they require I would literally send you sh*t in a parcel box. Really. Who are you? No one. Take a seat or 10. Therefore they are b*tch friendly, as so many females require the utmost concern and attention when it comes to their shopping needs. These girls are the platinum card to a girl with issues of neglect. And they’re cheeky. I live for cheeky. As long as it doesn’t come in the form of ass fat.

“Unlike some of your relationships we are non-toxic and cruelty free.”

Seriously. I can not hate that. Plus, it’s true.

They’re a self proclaimed Indie brand that boasts to bring out the spoiled little rich girl you know lives inside you.

As mentioned, they are cruelty and 5 free (free of formaldehyde, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, and toluene) as well as vegan.  I can barely wash dishes without the use of rubber gloves, so this aforementioned waste pretty much makes my stomach turn.

Their colors and collections are so witty. Celebutant, Heiress, Prenup and Scandal are few of many common rich b*tch regular occurrences.  I love the persona they’ve created as well as the selection of polishes. The come out with a collection 7 times a year and have a monthly color too. Oh, and if they run out of a shade you need, they’ll assist. Probably because most are seasonal or limited editions – in this case – if you come across one you love, do what I do and buy them out grab a few.

As for the formula? My absolute favorite, and I’m not just saying that in hopes of future gifting.

I like a polish that is buildable and smooth and this didn’t disappoint. I used 2 coats for the color I chose (lighter colors usually take a couple to a few coats) and the color was vibrant yet sheer and my favorite – had a gel like finish. The gel finish gives off a salon manicure type deal, without the cost, the inhaled toxins or the having to deal with Chatty f*cking Cathy’s nattering on their cell phones about past due child support payments while they’re getting their nails did. Really. I heard that one time.

Anyway, my verdict is pretty clear. Amazing. (I’ll keep you updated on how long it stays intact too, I just couldn’t wait to post).

If you’re looking for a luxe up and coming, animal adoring, toxic crap hating polish brand then this is it. Plus, how can you resist the packaging and persona? You might be more 2 Broke Girls than Shahs of Sunset but at least your nails won’t know the difference.

Blow your mind by clicking on the link to the right.

(I’ve added the link in my links section for ease for lazy clickers)

Happy Purchasing




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