Friday Favorites


Make Up For Ever Mat 1 Lipstick


I’ve been wearing this to excess. Like, every single day this week. Whether alone or as a base, this shade has been gracing my lips. I can’t even explain how this is the best nude ever. Besides Chris Evans as Captain America. Obviously.


Nude Orange

I’m obsessing over orange-y, creamsicle makeup shades right now. Eyes, lips, and cheeks. Face cheeks not ass cheeks. I haven’t started tanning yet. Anyway, I’ve found a great orange based MAC blush but have yet to find the perfect shade shadow and lipstick. Suggestions are welcome. Just not shitty ones.



Lush Vanillary

I did a post on my Lush purchases not too long ago and although neither of these weren’t part of it, the Vanilla Puff powder is pretty much Vanillary in powder form. Cleary this is not enough for a stalker like me. The perfume and solid will be in my greedy little hands in the near future. Oh, it smells like vanilla, but not the dollar store kind of vanilla, more like vanilla cupcakes mixed with a musky scent. Take that any which way you please.



Springtime Pastime

I believe this is the blonde version of me. All glammed up with a book, a cup of tea and wishful thinking. Really, I’m being sincere.



Stripes & Sweaters

Stripes for Spring and Summer. Honestly. Sailor style. I just ordered a navy and white wrap mini from Zara that I can’t wait to pair with some light knits. Anybody have a yacht?



Empire of the Sun – Ice on the Dune

I don’t care how ridiculous these two buffoons look. I love this album so much that it has absolutely no effect on me. DNA has been on repeat all day and all night for the past 10 days. Also, if I was at Coachella, I would be working that headdress.



Rebecca Minkoff Gladiators

Yeah, so I think I’m going to have to have these. They’re the perfect Summer flat. For me. I quite enjoy extravagance and a simple lace up just won’t do. Also, they come in some pretty bad ass designs.


Happy Weekend




5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. BAHAHA. Best nude around. Captain America is too much of a pretty boy for me, but I see the appeal 🙂

    As far as yachts go, my sugar daddy has one. I’ll let you know when I meet him.

    • Okay now I’m curious, I need to know your fav nude. I know this is grounds for blocking and unfollowing but whatever, I still want to know. LOL. Oh, and I’m finally about to email you back, you’ll like the answer, sorry it took so long, I’m a lazy cow.

      • The list is too long. Basically any tall, dark, and handsome man…oh you mean lipstick? Ha 🙂 I don’t know that I have one. I have to do a mixture of crazy light shades to even get a nude shade for my pale, pale skin.

        Email me hooka, because I’m about to post that junk (like today)…

      • Okay I thought I meant nudes as in hot nudes but then realized I was originally talking about lipstick. Oh how the mind can be led astray…I will own the hooka status because I deserve it! Expect one soon!

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