Purchased and Reviewed: Sunday at Sephora

So crafty right? I actually planned to go in for a new concealer and left with 3 products I had no intention of purchasing – until I laid eyes, hands, and lips on them obviously.


Sephora has a 15% event for Beauty Insiders right now and I know it’s not much considering you’ll probably spend more than you save (duh) but hey, a savings event is a savings event.

Anyway, check out the goods…

Kat Von D Tattoo Eraser


So this is made specifically for concealing tattoos (of which I have my fair share but would never hide because why the f*ck would I get them in the first place, I am completely proud and happy with my decisions and have absolutely no qualms about them clashing with my wardrobe, my daily activities or my career opportunities, holy rant). It comes in one light pink shade which counteracts the dark blue and black ink of tattoos, and not coincidentally the harsh circles /darker blemishes that may grace your face. I can’t stress how amazing it is for dark circles. The pink really minimizes dark spots, so really this is a insanely industrial strength concealer. Monday mornings have been brought to their knees.


Benefit Rockateur 

The most amazing rosegold colored blush I’ve ever worn. Super glow-y, the perfect balance of coral, pink and gold, and with just the right amount of sparkle. This blush rivals NARS’s Orgasm and Super Orgasm (of which I have the latter). So pretty, and definitely dramatic yet wearable during the day. I like the mini brush all Benefit blushes come with as well, it’s a really nice rounded applicator, and has super soft bristles. Definite plus. I am in love with this shade.


NARS Matte Multiple 


Just debuted, this multipurpose stick is the more dramatic, and slightly more bold sister to the Multiple. I love anything and everything matte because I feel the colors are more intense, longer lasting, and more pigmented. I’m right. This stick is to die for. Well, not to die for, but I wouldn’t mind spilling some blood over it. Either way, I was not ready for this. The NARS specialist practically had me sitting in her lap while she showed me the different uses and shades. I purchased Anguilla (a really nice “ginger pink” – shown here). So vibrant, and so eye catching. All the shades are really different and the fact that you can use them on both lips and cheeks makes it that much better. I tried it on my lips and that was enough to throw it in the bag. I actually can’t wait to see what it looks like on my cheeks, especially since it’s matte. Oh, and you can use it both wet or dry. Whaaaaat. I can’t handle it. I can’t. My only apprehension came to the application for lips since it is a bigger stick. Fear not – nothing a pinkie finger or lip brush can’t control. Trust me – when I want something bad enough, I’ll come up with a way to settle any and all objections.


Oh, and that 4th product shown is the St. Tropez Facial Bronzing lotion I used 100 points for. I’m on the hunt for a nice bronzer, both facial and body for when the weather decides to get warmer. I’ll need a nice even canvas for the 4 mini skirts I just purchased in the last couple weeks. As for this little mini, I like that it’s made specifically for the face and doesn’t clog pores. Nice. Looks like I won’t have to rub tanning lotion into my cheekbones this summer. Oh yeahh.





3 thoughts on “Purchased and Reviewed: Sunday at Sephora

  1. Fantastic choices and I loved reading this! Now i really want to try that kat von d concealer!! I have wanted to get one of the new matte multiples too so you have now just convinced me lol. Great blog girl!! ♥♡♥

    • Thanks pretty! The concealer is amazing, NYX also has something similar called Wonder pencil, 3 different shades in case this is too light 🙂 Let me know what you think of the NARS! xoxo

      • Yeah ive seen the nyx one, I think I’m going to go straight for the mac daddy and get the nars hahaha. I’ll letcha know :)))

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