Purchased and Reviewed: Lush Goods


Lush just recently debuted their Easter exclusives and even if you don’t partake in the Holiday (you’re an asshole – I’m not Catholic I been hunting chocolate eggs since 1983), you’ll appreciate the delectable scents and new additions.

I won’t get into the whole collection, because I’m neither getting paid to promote their brand, nor did I purchase everything. BUT I did get a chunk of the Carrot Soap and holy sh*t I haven’t smelled such an amazing scent since Snow Fairy.


I can’t quite explain the smell, but I will assure you that if you’re going to grab any one thing from this collection, get the soap. It’s a tropical scent, kind of reminds me of Philosophy’s Cabana Girl (a beachy, sun tan lotion type of vibe). Think mango/creamsicle milkshake. In the tropics. OMG. I just used it and my entire washroom is enveloped in this scent. I’m so obsessed, I might even rub it on sans shower. Verdict – You can’t go another day without this. Your next shower will be deemed useless.


So I have this great little canister of light fluffy powder called Fairy Dust (that was either an exclusive or is now discontined entirely) and I’m nothing short of devestated. It’s actually Snow Fairy as a dust. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. RIGHT?! I would pay a hefty amount if someone comes across this delightful product. I would also pay a hefty amount for someone to tie up a Lush employee and bring them to my house. They’ll be fed and clothed and treated with a sufficient amount of respect as long as they produce mass amounts of this sh*t for me. It’s fair.

Anyways, in the meantime, I came across this stuff. Vanilla Puff Powder.  I love the Vanillary scent and this is pretty much it – in powder form. I don’t quite understand my obsession with powder. I think it might be attributed to the fact that I like putting baby powder in my hair on days I don’t wash it. Although I like the smell of baby powder (as long as it’s not on babies) (I know, who says that right?) I’d welcome a different option scent-wise. Plus each bottle of this stuff contains an actual vanilla pod that slowly releases fragrance.  So, I sprinkle this in my hair and lightly dust it everywhere else. It’s nice before or after a similar scented perfume as well, the vanilla jasmine scent is really complimentary. Verdict – If you like musky vanilla scents, this one is perfect. And if you like dry shampoos and don’t wash your hair daily, this stuff will invigorate and infuse your hair with a nice fragrance. Update: I just tried it with the Sparkle massage bar and it’s pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. I mean, it’s a Wednesday night and the only place I’m headed to is bed but whatever. I keep it 100 no matter the time and place.



Oh here we go, the Holy Grail for facial cleansers. (Scratch that – I swear by Philosophy’s Purity but this is a very close second). Ultra Bland. This stuff is amazing. It’s insanely rich and thick from the oils, honey and beeswax is contains. This stuff removes any and all traces of makeup with just a small dime sized amount. Because I was used to Purity (which is a smooth liquid) the waxy feel of Ultra Bland was a little unwelcome, but after I got used to it I realized it was keeping my face moisturized AFTERwards as well. Uh, two in one? Don’t mind if I do.  The rosewater and flower extract is what keeps skin so soft after cleansing. I switch back and forth between this and Purity because I am after all, a die hard Philosophy addict. Verdict – a definite must have for your cleanser collection. It’s practically a 2-1 product and you can get the tub in different sizes, as most Lush products.




4 thoughts on “Purchased and Reviewed: Lush Goods

  1. Oh I didn’t know they were doing dry shampoo with different scents, now I’m excited! Did the carrot shampoo remind you of that orange liquid soap they make each Christmas?

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