Purchased: Asymmetrics and Denim

Oh hayy. It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I figured I’d hit you with something real substantial. Purchases. Nothing like hearing about a good purchase to make you want to go out and spend your own money, am I right? Am I right?

I actually did pretty well considering I bought a few different items. I was in dire need (ha) of some knits and was also on the prowl for the perfect denim jacket for this Spring… I found everything. I actually felt like throwing up.


Oh. Right. I also picked up two great little minis that I clearly didn’t need. HAHA. Didn’t need. Please. I had to have them otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night. This would lead to decreased energy. Decreased energy would lead to sluggishness and sub par mental and physical mechanisms. This would obviously lead to inconsistent work outs and job loss. In the long run, this would result in obesity and a unhealthy reliance on anti depressants and churros. I mean, I could score a spot on TLC’s My 600 Pound Life at which point skirts would be a cold and distant memory. Obviously triggering self hatred and shame and….you see where I’m going with this? The skirts were very necessary.


Black loosely knit sweater/H&M

Oatmeal hi lo knit/Oat & Fort 

Denim Jacket/Zara

Black faux leather zippered asymmetric mini/H&M

White asymmetric zippered mini/H&M

I have an unhealthy obsession with oversized knits, especially when they have uneven hems – as this displays a nice pair of stems without dwarfing your body. I had no idea that Oak & Fort existed. Prancing around pulling things off hangers is probably the most fitting description of what took place. The boutique is all things casual, comfy, and super chic. Think simplistic, lots of basics, and endless layering options. Pretty much my Heaven. The knit I chose is over sized with an uneven hem and lightweight. Perfect for Spring and perfect with a pair of cutoffs and stilettos. A flat pic won’t do it justice so I’ll have to do a separate post when I actually wear it. Because I know that’s what everyone’s dying for right?

I also – finally – got my hands on a denim jacket I actually liked. I say this because I’ve been searching for one that satisfied me in every way. Cut, coloring, fabric and fit. It satisfied as a perfect denim jacket should. *Side note – I use the same categories when rating men. This is most likely why I am still single. Anyway, I found it at Zara for a measly $60 bucks. I have a feeling it’ll be making quite a few repeat offender posts.

As for the black knit and the asymmetric minis – I had some time to kill in the mall before seeing a movie this past weekend and this is what results in any spare minutes for me. Power shopping. I literally ran to the white one like a rabid dog while the black mini was more of a , “sure, I only have 4 other black faux leather skirts, but not one with zippers,” kind of impulse. The knit was perfect for the same reasons I bought the other. And it’s black. You can never have enough black.

IMG_5224 IMG_5223

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my goods. Definitely invest in a couple of knits (swingy hi lo hemlines to be specific), a good denim jacket and some minis. Your Spring and Summer wardrobe will bow down. Also, I know that prints are big right now, but basics are ALWAYS in style, plus they look super chic and polished. Even when you’re a train wreck.

Some styling options…







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