Was It Worth It: Kat Von D Spellbinding Lipstick Set

Okay, I know this set isn’t being sold anymore, (it was released for this past Holiday season at Sephora) BUT I figured a review would be helpful as some of these shades are still available for individual purchase.


I haven’t canoodled much with Kat Von D products, the lip color would have to be the second time. I’ve previously used the Tattoo liquid liner (which is equally as awesome).

Anyway, this set is amazing. I am so pleased that I included it on my Christmas list (ha).


I was blown away by the size, the texture and the variety of shades that came in this set. From deep vampy purple to light pinks and nudes. The packaging is to die. Matte black with silver detailing – very sexy goth, very Kat.

I’m actually going to bother listing the names because I know you can still get some of these shades as separate full sized lipsticks, which makes me breathe a sign of relief because I get sad when something I love runs out and can’t be replenished.

The set contains:
Backstage Bambi


*Thin Lizzy

Underage Red



A Go-Go




The asterix, on the box, refers explains that it’s a  “never before seen shade.” I’m going to assume that these are exclusive colors that aren’t available outside the set. So uh, you snooze you lose right?

Each shade is a full in color, rich in texture, and super long in wear. I’m in love. I’m not a huge fan of sheer or satin-y textures, and these are a nice luxurious matte.  What I liked even more, say, compared to many MAC matte shades, is that they were long wearing and rich without feeling even slightly dry. The worst lip you can wear is one that is accentuated by dryness and flakiness. Duh.

Verdict – A must have in any lipstick collection. The variety of shades, the longevity and the richness of the color is something you simply cannot live without.



Individual full sized shades of Painted Love are available at Sephora for $20/each.



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