Purchased: Camo

I am slapping myself for getting rid of any and all camo circa 1998. I could have totally styled those items into my wardrobe right now. Not lying.

Camo is kind of like leopard print to me, it’ll always be in style, when worn in moderation, obviously. It saddens me to even have to explain that.

Getting back to the purchase – I recently picked up some leggings from Aritzia (a store that I have a pretty solid love/hate relationship with). I own a couple pairs of the same style and found that they lasted long, kept their stretch and didn’t gather pilling after time. I believe that they’re actually TNA brand (not a fan but their leggings are pretty great). They’re approx $30 a pair, so they’re totally reasonable in price, especially for a pair of good quality leggings.

My style focuses around casual chic these days, so dressing them up with a pair of minimalist heels and a T shirt seemed like a good choice. I’m all about the either/or. If you’re going to throw on a pair of heels or pumps, then top if off with a basic tee or an oversized knit. On the other hand, if you’re going to throw on a pair of Chucks or combat boots, then pair it with a faux, a blazer or a more fitted top.

Here’s how I styled them…



White Tee/J Crew

Sleeveless Faux Vest/Aritzia


Bag/Rebecca Minkoff MAC



The options are endless. I’m loving the mix of dressy and sporty. I don’t think I can break away from it. Here are some suggestions on styling…

4c52a4093ee6458aea2bb7749763baa0  651b9dfc4d5e6fe7e7eebfd74fce0a30 90985f4765a9d244f957308476efbc28 a480c84f9b32d485f9bc38908c4c85e8 b7363b58dd941bc5bc49179c48535252 bbebaca3bce39c926c8d38c944a31c1a ee42e6a2bc856bde78d767875e07e693


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