Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition


Trader Joes gourmet jelly beans. Get some. I know, I know, almonds are a better mini snack to have around but when I’m PMSing and feel like stabbing someone in the neck, almonds will not appease. These little bad boys are way better than Jelly Belly, trust. And don’t be a fatty and eat the whole box. That defeats the purpose.



I thought I’d give NYX’s Wonder Pencil a shot when I was browsing around looking for makeup that I didn’t already have. I like it. I use it in the corners and water line of my eyes and it pretty much does what it says – brightens and makes your eyes appear larger. My eyes are already practically popping out of my head like that little squirrel from Ice Age but I say why the heck not?



The Unif Chloe dress is the most perfect outfit ever. For me. I’ve been searching for a tulle skirt and then I come across this mind blowing 2 in 1. It’s a tank dress with a removable cut out cable knit sweater. Uhhh. Are you kidding me? I did see it on Sincerely Jules (pictured below) and I love how she styled it. Insanely girly and cute. I am going to wear the sh*t out of this dress. Let me count the ways…



Loving distressed skinnies and oversized sweaters. When don’t I love oversized tops? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to shroud my rolls in oversized clothing, as I do have quite the bangin body (my opinion, obviously), but it’s the most wearable, most chic, most rocked style as of late. You can never go wrong with skinnies, a “boyfriend” sweater and pumps. Never.



This weekend I’m going to attempt to design myself a little desk space in my bedroom. And by design, I obviously mean grab a desk from Loews and throw a vase of flowers on top. I’m pretty limited for space as I am the owner of a huge ass bed that I practically have to take a running jump to get up on, a massive tv (which is necessary for my lack of stellar vision) and a huge vanity. I may or may not document this process depending on whether or not I find the right size desk or if I give up altogether once I get home and put on my pajamas. You’ll find out soon enough.



Starbuck’s Blossoming Peach Tea Latte. Oh yeah. Early Grey with peach flavored syrup (I feel so gluttunous saying that). Obviously I get it as a skinny, so no whipped cream, non fat milk. Moreso because I have problems digesting delicious food items, not because I’m an asshole.



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