Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

Here are my favs of the week. 



Favorite Outfit

I love oversized faux vests with denim and siren heels. It’s the perfect balance of trendy, chic and sexy. 


Favorite Beauty Product

My girlfriend recently gave me a sample of her Ocean Salt face & body scrub to try. I am in love. I’m going to pick myself up a nice hefty amount tomorrow. It feels so fresh on your skin and it smells like margarita. How can I hate? It’s perfect for really dry winter skin and it’s made from vodka, limes, grapefruit, avocoado and sea salt. Amazing.


Favorite Wish List Item

I am still obsessed with these Stuart Weitzman Highland over the knee boot. At $750 they’re a little pricey but I explain it away by adamantly stating that I will wear them all day, every day. They come in black as well, and they’re sold out all around town but they will be mine soon enough. 


Favorite Scent

Bobbi Brown’s Beach is the epitome of summer scents. It’s soft and fresh and reminds me of suntan oil, waves and sand between my toes. In the dead of Winter, I can only spritz myself and dream. But it’s pretty legit so it works for me.


Favorite Photo

I’ve been watching Clueless for the last week during my workouts. It’s fair to say that I have almost every single line memorized to an unhealthy and obsessive degree. Cher is E-very-thing.


Favorite Recipe

I am huge on gluten free items (not because it’s the current trend) but because I don’t feel gross and bloated after eating, and it’s really helped my acid issues. Sandwiches are pretty much my favorite food, after Mexican, so I like switching up the ingredients from time to time to keep it from getting boring. I use Udi’s gluten free bread, lots of veggies, and mustard or olive oil for dressing. I skip the cheese and opt for hummus instead, for the health factor, and the fact that I’m not too keen on cheeseiness. Arugula, beets, kale and goat cheese are nice little accessories I throw on when I’m feeling fancy. Add a glass of red wine (if you must) and you’re a professional. I like to think.


Favorite Trend

Caged heels are so hot right now. I own a couple pairs in black and beige but these Sophia Webster ones are making me drool. 



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