Purchased: Too Faced “The Chocolate Bar” Eye Palette

This is too legit. Eyeshadow that smells like chocolate. I mean, the only negative I can state here is that it might ignite cravings but that is it. My sister recently came home with it and obviously I had to have one too. Too Faced’s packaging is mind-boggling. I love each and every product, and yes, the packaging is one of the reasons why. If you’re going to shell out then you want to get the most out of your buck. The pretty pinks and browns, the gold gilded compacts and bronzers, and their girly yet elegant fonts and patters are fit for royalty.


This bad boy right here is the Chocolate Bar Eye Palette. I picked it up from Sephora earlier today ($55USD) and came home feeling like Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Honestly, I wish I did un-boxing videos because this palette deserves it. It contains 16 (16!) matte and shimmer shadows scented with REAL chocolate. The shades are chocolate inspired, range from neutrals, to highlighters, to shimmery eye poppers. They’re formulated with cocoa powder. I am not sh*tting you. Extreme honesty when it comes to chocolate.


The tin is shaped like an actual chocolate bar – so amazing. The co-founder and creative director Jerrod Blandino came up with this heavenly idea after indulging in a chocolate facial in Maui. The healing ingredients of chocolate, such as properties that soothe skin, protect and condition, and the smooth and velvety shadows are packaged into this to-die-for palette.  Oh, and the scent of cocoa powder is known to enhance memory and brain power. Beauty and brains my friends. Beauty and brains. I can’t wait to try these on. I’m in awe. My only problem is ensuring that I don’t taste test one of these. The shame that comes with that lasts a lifetime.



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