Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I really need to change the title of my “favorites” but again, OCD will just not allow me to deem it anything other than Friday Favorites.

Happy Weekend xoxo

Favorite Outfit

I am loving distressed skinnies right now. Just the right amount. The beachy waves, the leather jacket, leopard print slip ons and sunnies = perfect winter transition outfit.


Favorite Beauty Product

This product is my go-to concealer. It’s my secret weapon, my wake me up, and my gladiator. Nothing else compares. Well, nothing else that I’ve used. It’s the Marc Jacobs Up All Night concealer/highlighter pen. It is a must. The amount of coverage, the long lasting effect, and the angelic halo are flawless.


Favorite Look

I really like the nude candy lip with heavy liner right now. I wear my liner on top as a light cat eye, but a thicker line and eye popping babydoll lashes are the perfect pairings for a a lighter lip. My favorite liner right now is NYX’ Skinny Liquid Liner. My mascara pick is Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara, and my candy lip? MAC Please Me with a swipe of Naked Proof. Not too heavy, not too made up – love it.


Favorite Moment

My boys have won the NFC Championship game. My body is still tingling from the gut wrenching, emotional, nail biting, heart palpitating game. Never been prouder to be a Seahawks fan. We are headed to the Superbowl!


Favorite Scent

So – I am a little biased – obviously, as Philosophy is my absolute favorite fragrance brand and this candle blows my mind to pieces. The softest, prettiest, most fragrant smell ever made. Amazing Grace you are perfect for any occasion, in any shape or form.


Favorite Quote

Not to be a Debs Downer but, humanity is a b*tch. I prefer animals over people for a variety of reasons and this quote is explanation enough. It’s not completely negative though because it reminds you that if you’re ever to question the incomprehensible acts of fellow humans, you’re one of the good ones. At least you have that in your pocket.


Favorite Photo

A throne fit for a princess.



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