Friday Favorites: Weekend Edition

I feel like perhaps I need to change my Friday Favorites to Weekend Favorites but that doesn’t rhyme and I have severe OCD about things like that. Maybe I’ll just have to do it on time from now on? I think one of my NY resolutions was to stop procrastinating. So much for that. Anyway, here are my favorites from this past week.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend xoxo


I’ve made it quite apparent that I’m a slave to anything and everything Wildfox Couture. It’s the clothing of mermaids and undiscovered princesses. Their new Lagoon collection is nothing less. This photo perfectly describes it.



My Lambie slippers are the last thing I have on before I leave the house (save for my clothes that is – duh) and the first thing I put on when I get home. It makes the fact that I love house slippers acceptable, because if they were ratty and abused then it would just be socially unacceptable.



Always love the fact that heavy wingtip liner and nude lips can be worn in the daytime. I like this shadow-less look as well, but it’s something I have yet to try. I usually skip the bottom liner for a day look but I think it might be a good replacement for shadow, as neutral as it is. The peachy blush is one of my favorites right now too.



The Jeffrey Campbell Rowling bootie. You will be mine soon enough. I’ve stupidly told myself that I won’t shop this month. Come February 1st you bad boys will be overnight shipped to my front door. See you soon.



I can’t even. Really. This trio compact of bronzer was packed by the Gods. Each shade is complimentary of each other and it shows up on your skin in a nice even bronzing. I love trios like this because they’re made specifically to accentuate. If you’re looking to contour, highlight and bronze this compact is perfect.



This quote is for all my bad b*tches who find themselves faced with daily struggles that distract for only a slight second before they realize they got this.



Tequila time with my buddy. I’m sure that are many a moment inspired and fueled by margaritas. Sure, some of them result in feelings of shame and self doubt but they’re moments to remember nonetheless.



So, I got one of the items from my Wishlist this Christmas. A black floppy hat. I have yet to wear it but I feel inspired. The look below is what I’ll be going for. It’s the perfect accessory for when you don’t want to style your hair, for when you’re feigning for a new look or when you need a topper.



I’m about halfway in to this book by the author who wrote The Secret Life of Bees and I’m in love. There’s something about reading of hardship and struggle that makes you appreciate your blessings that much more. If you’re looking for a read that’s inspiring yet grounding – this is it.



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