Beauty 101: Hair Fix

If you’re looking to switch up your hair style, one of the best (and easiest) ways to reinvent your look is to change textures. Stick straight and glossy, bedhead and mussed, and bouncy yet loose curls are go-to’s of mine that I like to rotate through.

One problem most of us have is keeping a style intact throughout the day. Sure your blow out might look perfect in the morning, but after you’ve rushed around trying to find your keys in the am, tried to maneuver your way into your car with both hands full of umbrella and coffee, and walked into work with winds whipping Dorothy’s house around and around your blow out is more like a blow the house down.

My foolproof product for styling is – wait for it – hairspray (duh) but sometimes you want a softer look that will hold without looking too made up or polished and hairspray isn’t the best tool for that. I like to curl the ends of my hair (this is my daily) and I find even spending the extra 13 minutes with my curling iron precious, so I get frustrated when they unravel shortly thereafter.

Here are some tips on holding and keeping your curls…they usually work for me, if not I suggest you invest in a wig or find a job that allows you to wear a baseball cap to work each morning. That shit takes like 3 seconds to throw on. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.


Start with day old hair.

Natural oils in the hair make it more moldable. Don’t wash your hair for even a day or two and you’ll find it holds easier when styling. If you are obsessive over hair washing then I suggest either baby powder or dry shampoo on the scalp to ease your OCD.

Skip the deep conditioner.

These usually weigh hair down and make it harder to style so skip it. If you have really dry and brittle hair then I suggest you deep condition the ends only. A lightweight conditioner everywhere else should do the job just fine.

Pick the right products.

You don’t want stiff crispy Chola style curls so know when to put the products away. A light styling lotion or serum throughout your hair is sufficient before you curl. A heat protectant would work here as well. As for after curling, a fine DRY hairspray works best. This is what I use and I find it insanely better than using a more wet hairspray which only weighs your hair down, creates sticky curls and separates rather than holds curls together.

Use the right tools.

 Make sure you have an iron with the right size barrel for the curls you’re looking to create. For hair that doesn’t hold a curl well, a 3.4″ barrel works best, the curls will be tight without looking too Curly Sue-esque and will loosen throughout the day for a more natural effect. A 1 inch iron creates more beachy loose looking waves for hair that holds a curl better. If none of these work, consider investing in a professional grade tool rather than a drugstore brand. I love my ConAir Pro iron, but I’m looking to upgrade because I find it doesn’t hold my curl all day. I’ve used for all my professional grade tools because they offer amazing customer service and ease of transaction, plus they carry every damn tool your hair could ever need.

Post Iron Pinning.

Once you’ve curled the section you want, take a bobby pin and pin it to your head while you finish the rest. This sets it while you’re finishing the whole head. Keep pinning until you look like a bored housewife. Mist with hairspray and take out the pins. Easy.

Bun or braid before bed.

If you know you want to curl your hair the next day, this trick takes a ton of work out of your morning routine. I tightly bun my hair before bed so that when I take it out in the morning it’s already used to a nice wave. It’s instantly textured and much easier to curl. If you’d rather braid it, you’ll have a beachier look but with the same deal.

Hope these help knock off a good chunk of your morning beauty routine. I’m super lazy and I’d much rather take the 15-20 minutes to get some extra beauty sleep than curl my hair while I’m only half awake.




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