Hola 2014. Welcome.


I’d like to start off by saying that I am against the “new year new me” mantra every single time the clock strikes midnight on Dec 31st. This is not because I’m bitter, not because I’m a downer, and not because I’m a hater. I very simply believe that every day is a new day and a new beginning. Sure, the new year is a prime moment to refresh yourself, set new goals and stop being a fatty but so is tomorrow. With that being said, I have fallen slave to setting some New Year’s resolutions for myself but I shall call them my after-Christmas resolutions since that is when I am the most fat and broke. I’d like to share.

Workout harder

Eat cleaner

Be kinder 

Smile at strangers but not in a creepy way that makes them follow you to your car

Love myself more (as if that’s even possible)

Exhibit less rage. Like, much less rage. Exhibit rage only when expulsion is adamant

Nurture my existing relationships and pick up the phone once in a while

Shop less (This is the one resolution I hope I don’t break) (Kidding, this is the one I will break) (The fastest) (Kidding again) (I think)

Thank God for my existence, my happiness, my surroundings, and my blessings every. single. day

Stop cheating on responsibility with laziness

Learn how to feed myself (see above)

Purchase a pair of Valentinos (above shopping resolution you are so f*cked)

To all of you who have set similar goals for yourselves – good luck. Stick with them, get motivated and stay positive even when your days feel darkest and your flab feels flabbiest. Remember why you created these goals in the first place – to better yourself. You are your own worst enemy so stop being such a bitch.

I wish you all savor each single day, cherish the smallest of memories, stay thankful and wake up every morning feeling blessed and lucky.

Happy 2014.


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