Do It: Ideas for a Happy Holiday

If you don’t know, know you know – Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. AND it’s not just because of the gifts – because this is the one time of year where I am (almost) completely selfless. I’m one of those Christmas Crazies that firmly believe that the tree should be a year – round staple (decorated for the changing seasons of course) and that anyone who frowns upon the humming of “It’s Beginning To Look a lot like Christmas,” in the summer months, is a cold hearted asshole.

So – the below Christmas-y suggestions are provided to you with the utmost joy and merriment. If you choose not to engage in them – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you’re an asshole.


1. Go Ice Skating

Tis the perfect chance to compile a cute skating outfit (see below) so that you don’t look all that ridiculous when falling on your ass. It’s so easy to find rinks (indoor and outdoor) in your area. So whimsical during the chilly evenings too.


2. Try DIY Holiday Crafts

I’m kind of lazy so I purchase most of my holiday decorations. BUT hand painting bulbous ornaments like these is pretty easy, and fun because you can tailor them to your theme. They’re by far one of the easier DIY ideas for this season. All you need are some paints, clear or matte ball ornaments and your imagination.


3. Have a Caramel Apple Party

How can you pass this up? This is perfect for a family get together or girls night in. Grab some wine, some toppings (crushed cookie, nuts, candy and chocolate are more than sufficient), caramel dip and your elvish helpers. It’s the perfect way to create memories this season. A nice addition to gingerbread house night too.


4. Make Snow Angels

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a thick snowfall this month then this winter activity is a absolute must. No matter your age, snow angels and snow men will take you back to the fondest memories of your childhood. Just make sure you’re not decked to the nines like below.


5. Bake Your Christmas Gifts

One of my favorite gifts to receive are baked goods. Uh hello, Christmas week is always cheat week and what’s better than being fed treats? Nothing. Nothing is better. Shortbread and sugar cookies, biscotti, wedges and bars. Perfect for gifting your fellow employees, or your closest girlfriends. Their taste buds will thank you, but their hips will want to strangle you to death. Tis the season.


6. Be Charitable

Tis the season to put the selfishness aside, embrace others, and practice the art of giving. I know this should be a year round activity but ask Santa for world peace, not me. Anyway, do your best to be charitable this season – whether its helping out at your local shelter, donating to various charities, handing out blankets and warm food to the homeless or simply acting warmer to those around you. Be selfless.


7. Relax by the Fire

This is currently my favorite place to be. Sitting by the fireplace surveying our tree. Nothing compares. Day or night, do yourself a favor and snuggle up.



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