Purchased: Seeing Spots

Nope – not drunk. Plus, I don’t tend to see spots when I’m tipsy – I usually just black out. One glass of wine FTW.

What I’m referring to is the leopard print coat I just purchased from Zara.


Inspired by the Celine 2013 Spring collection, crazy trending animal prints, and my love for all things flamboyant – I had to have it. Many of those in the dark on current trends tend to think that animal print is for your 78 year old Grandma who keeps mouldy hard candy in her pockets but they are sadly mistaken.

Animal print (leopard, zebra, cheetah, etc…) has always been a fashion must. I mean, depending on how it’s styled it can work for anyone, whether it’s a a little pop in the form of pointed flats, or in your face, in my case. The key is to just add a touch (a touch being ONE wardrobe item) to your outfit. I played it real casual with faux leather leggings and zips, a white V neck tee, and Chucks. Pretty much my favorite go-to look, casual chic always looks so effortless. You can totally be the girl in the leopard coat and Converse. All you need is a little confidence in your style and a playful side.


I chose a white T because it’s classic and simply goes with every single item imaginable. Denim, prints, leather, faux, lace, tweed etc…

I’m also planning on mixing it up with some prints, color blocking and rocking my uniform – all black everything. (So 2011 but it it carries such an impact).



Oh, and yes I did a red lip. A Framboise actually. During the day. Like I say, confidence is everything. If you’re uncomfortable in your own skin it shows, and it’s the worst accessory since the monogram Coach wristlet. The Kate Spade satchel and lip go hand in hand, and the ponytail? Casual chic at its finest. And it took 3 minutes to perfect. Trust me. Keep it effortless and easygoing by looking like you spent 10 minutes on your look. Not the 45 it actually took you to get ready.

If you’re searching for similar items, I’ve provided you with some options below.



Zara Furry Leopard Print Coat/Nasty Gal Faux Leather Leggings/J Crew Vintage V Neck Tee/Converse Low Tops


Juicy Couture Wild Lynx Cardi in Angel $250


Bardot Leopard Cardigan $120


Juicy Couture Faux Fur Infinity Scarf $70


Marc by Marc Jacobs Lenora Glove $75


7 for All Mankind The Skinny in Ikat Leopard $200


Karina Grimaldi Anne Print Cami $150


Eight Sixty Animal Print Dress $82


Maison Scotch Gloves $90


Townsen Pullover $130


Equipment Lynn Contrast Magic Leopard Blouse $250


Current/Elliott The Freshman T in Camel Leopard $115


Kelsi Dagger Nitrogen Leopard Print Flat $100


Nicholas Darcy Pump $300


Rebecca Minkoff Dexter Bucket in Tawny $350


3 thoughts on “Purchased: Seeing Spots

  1. thats a cute jacket! A lot of the time I don’t like animal print i think its tacky…but this one actually is very cute and works well! it looks great on you as well!!

  2. You did it again. The lip, the print, the always-consistent-loyalty-to-your-white-vees….I love it. I was starting to feel a bit lonely on the white tank/white vee/white tee island, esp when you go shopping with someone (why I do this I have no idea) and all you hear is “don’t you have like, twelve of those?!”. Yes, yes I do. So does Jenn. Read her blog. Fuck off.

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