Purchased: Necessities.

Shower gel is a necessity. I don’t care if I already have 40. I firmly believe that I need them all.

Not straying from this notion, I walked into Nordstrom yesterday with the usual euphoric bounce in my step and what do I see? This magical display…


Not that I had any doubt, but Nordstrom knows how to merch. Shot glasses filled with Philosophy bath gel? I’d drink it if my phobia of being poisoned wasn’t so high.

No surprise that I took full advantage of the promotion that was on (buy 2 get 1 free) – uh yeah don’t mind if I do.


I swear I didn’t have any of these. Okay, I had a mini Pink Frosted Animal Cracker but that’s it. I swear.

Oh. And then, much to my surprise I came across the Philosophy Holiday display which contained a scent from last year, Peace on Earth, that I absolutely love. Honestly, I feel so much calmer and more serene after bathing with it. It’s cheaper than seeing a therapist so really, I made off like a bandit. AND this time it came in a set with the matching lotion. Like, give that sh*t to me YESTERDAY. I know I’m not supposed to be making any purchases for myself during the holiday season, but I am a rebel when it comes to Philosophy.


I also popped into Sephora to cross some Christmas presents off my list…and by my list I mean my list for gifting others, promise.

I did pick up Stila Kitten and a Tarte mini 100 pt mascara though. I use the Kitten in one of my palettes and it’s a month away from diminishing so I had to take extra precaution…


Um, I also got this sparkly little gem of a massage bar from Lush. I have a few of them already and LOVE how they feel when you rub them in. This one is insanely sparkly so it like looks I got into a brawl at Michaels but who hates sparkle?


And then, just when I thought I had done fairly well in keeping with my no purchases clause, my sister and I go and get matching coin purses from Kate Spade. It was 25% off in store only. They practically paid me to take it.



I’m such a Magpie but it’s not like I bought a bag or anything. Totally within the clause.

Speaking of which, I’m not even going to attempt to explain the below purchase. It’s my disease and I can refuse help if I want to.


The pink checked is the new addition, the navy is for a friend, and the original shade is a wardrobe staple. So much pretention in one picture. Scott Disick approved.

I hope everyone had a nice little weekend, however you chose to spend it.



4 thoughts on “Purchased: Necessities.

  1. Lord Disick totally approves.

    It’s nice that you buy makeup when you’re about a month away from running out like a normal person; I buy planning for the apocalypse. It would probably take 34237 years to use up my stash (booooooo).


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