Friday Favorites.


This amazing-ness you see below is my new obsession. Photographer Kevin Burg has created the next big thing that I’m dying over. Bigger than the new Wildfox collection – cinemagraphs. Please do not make an app for this. I don’t want to see bathroom selfies (including my own) with the toilet flushing or water running in the background. (I’ve included the link to his site at the bottom of this post – in case you can’t see the photos in their fully glory).



Yes I know the Holiday season is upon us (no one is as excited as I am – I’m serious. I sing Christmas carols in July), but pumpkin butter is my favorite right now. It’s a nice little transition into December I think. I spread it thinly on some Udi’s, cut up some fruit and even have crackers with it. If I could rub it on my body and simply absorb the flavor I would do that as well.



Love this picture. Free as a bird. I have a huge thing for birds. If I could take any other form I would choose that of a birds. Those motherf*ckers are living the life.



I’m like a magpie. Anything that glistens catches my eye. Excess, amundance, exclusivity – I want it. I got this NARS Guy Bourdin set from Sephora last weekend. Contains 5 mini lip pencils in a nice range of shades and textures. I’m such a glutton.



Wine and dinner with a girlfriend is up there with taking off my bra and pants after work. Good food, good convo and good perspective. Once a week maximum. One glass of wine is all it takes and like I said, I only eat on cheat days.




Tis something I should have on repeat. I’m a scaredy cat. Self proclaimed, publicly known. I can barely sleep at night without the comfort of 3 strategically placed comforters on top of me, the TV on full brightness, and door locked and secured, don’t expect me to free my mind and quit my job and cross the continent  in search of love and life lessons. I should though. So many things are easier said than done, but why? Why can’t we do them? Fear. We’re a bunch of chicken sh*ts. I’m a firm believer in doing rather than saying but sometimes there are legitimate reasons behind not being able to do something. The law for example. Immigration. Finances…the list goes on. I applaud those that free themselves of fear and just put on some pants and go do sh*t. Ya’ll are my role models. I’m definitely going to try to overcome some of the sh*t that holds me back. I promise.



So the theme at my house for Christmas 2013 is Woodland Christmas. I saw this photo on Pinterest and had to repin, save that shit, Instagram, Facebook and blog it. Inspiration has hit. I love this rustic look, I can almost smell the wood fire…



If you don’t know – now you know – comfy chic is my go-to outfit. Always. Everywhere. A flannel, opaque tights, over the knee boots and a faux vest are essentials. They pretty much made up my outfit. The faux (from Aritzia) is being worn every single week since initial purchase. This goes against all my wardrobe rules (clothes shan’t be recycled until 3 weeks have passed), but it goes with everything. EV.ERY.THING. I’m planning on wearing it over my Wildfox pj’s that are making their way over to me as I type. Everything.



Stuart Weitzman. Highlander. I must have this. I have a very similar pair from Zara but this is not reason enough to not have these as well. For one – they’re from Zara. Not Stuart Weitzman. Two different brands of boot here. They’re also not as strucutred as I’d like them to be (which these aren’t either) but they’re higher and I quite enjoy the over the knee look. The Zara boots I have cover 3/4 of my knee. This is unacceptable. Justification. I am forever the voice of reason.


*Check out Kevin Burg’s Cinemagraphs here –

Mind blown.


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