Style Muse: Kim Kardashian

Okay, before you judge. Kimmy is not one of my style muses. I find her outfit choice (pre Kanye) to be dangerously veering towards tacky, gaudy and very Bebe/Guess – which isn’t a good thing. BUT I adore her efforts. And I love the lengths she goes to in order to look impeccably put together.

I’ve included her in my Style Muse section because I want to applaud her for last night’s outfit (of which was more than likely put together by Ye himself).


I know this little one has been subject to more than anyone’s share of criticism, judging and incessant bullying by the lesser of the human race but she’s come out on top. No pun intended.

Not that I would know, but I’m sure it’s hard for many females to get their bods back after pregnancy, especially when you’re built a little different like Kim here. You can tell she’s been working her ass (okay not ass) off in attempts to get back to pre baby physique.

I applaud her, her white lace Birthday ensemble, and her hair & makeup combo. This is the best I’ve seen her look in years, and I’m not even a huge fan of her lighter locks.


I know she’s an avid supporter for surgeries like lipo, botox and whatever else gives you the easy way out, but Kanye’s no -surgery clause (he has spoken), after his mom passed from complications under the knife have apparently put Kim’s desire to a halt. And you know what – tis the way to go. I feel that her fans would support her and the public (not that that should really play a significant role, although they do) will accept her in a more welcoming fashion if she keeps up the typical person’s way to getting fit.

People need to shut the f*ck up sometimes and worry about themselves. She bought her skirt and top ensemble as motivation to get in shape for her Vegas Birthday bash, she came out looking like a bombshell, and she left richer than any of us. So sit down.



Women need to learn to support and uplift each other. (Again, no pun intended). I recognize beauty in all places, people, and things. As females, we should know the efforts and the lengths we all go to in order to gain approval from others and our biggest haters – ourselves. We get our hair done, nails done, bodies waxed, tanned, and worked out, and all we really want is for others to appreciate. Ourselves included.

Do yourself a favor. Compliment others. They deserve it. 

Even if she looks like a bitch, is a bitch, or acts like a bitch. You may not get it back in return, but you’ve done your part. And the one’s who are just like you and I? I guarantee you – a few words of kindness and appreciation will end up making a weighty impact on her day.

Paying it forward is in full effect here. Just last week a random teen came up to me at MAC after I noticed her watching me try on lipsticks. Her exact words? “Wow, you’re really beautiful.” Are you kidding me?! I was so humbled and appreciative. What a little gem she was. The best part? I had just complimented a girl in the previous store on her boots as I walked out. Ladies, please. Live by this. Be humble, be appreciative of others and show kindness. It’s one of the easiest ways to feel good about the human race. Right up there with downing a bottle of wine.



3 thoughts on “Style Muse: Kim Kardashian

  1. Nice female empowerment post here and you managed to include Kim Kardashian in the conversation?! Props to you.

    1. I completely agree with you on the blond hair, ugh. Brunettes rule.
    2. I also am far more impressed with her recent style choices except this post-baby jeans and tshirt thing she has going on. Wha?!??! SO confused by it all.
    3. Regardless of how people feel about her and her rise to fame, her makeup is freaking magical fantastical.

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