Friday Favorites.


I know its Autumn and the scent of pumpkin and woodfire is in the air but it’s an Indian Summer. Still. These are so appropriate. Umbrellas and crushed ice are the perfect accompaniment to any beverage. No alcohol needed. Haha. Really.

WILDFOX RESORT 2013 - photographs by Steven Meiers / TheCobrasnake


From the same photo shoot as the above pic, this Wildfox muse can work the carefree, no nonsense 70’s bombshell makeup like no other. The shadow and the smile are perfection.

WILDFOX RESORT 2013 - photographs by Steven Meiers / TheCobrasnake


I cannot stress how giving a f*ck is the biggest contributor to stress and frustration. When I brush things off (including people) I find myself so much happier and carefree. Trust me. Tis the way to live life. Smile and nod and carry on your merry way. I find this is less messier than taking a knife to their gut.



My bestie showed up to celebrate Hump Day with a cronut. Yeah. I know how to choose em don’t I? We’re pretty spooked when it comes to baked goods but after watching this week’s episode of Two Broke Girls and their cronut conundrum, the search was on. Let me say that it is worth the hype. Oh heck yes. Especially when it’s eaten on a day when all you’ve had is a Luna bar, a green shake and beans for dinner. Delectable. This one had pumpkin filling and was as light as a croissant, with the perfect amount of sweetness. And no, I didn’t work out that day. I wanted to soak up every little calorie and gram of fat that came from this bad boy. The next day though? I had an orgy with my workout equipment.



My absolute favorite moment that trumps floating through Nordstrom, online shopping, Sunday afternoon Mimosas and scenic drives along the I5 – is any moment spent with my pomchi Jackson. He is the ultimate delight, even when he’s growling at you for a post workout sock. I love his little face. It’s  the first thing I see every morning, when I come home from work and before I go to bed. And when he actually wants to cuddle? I can’t even. A girl and her dog are inseparable. I can attest to that.



Aritzia is one of my least favorite boutiques, (although it’s much more pleasant these days) & I might be a little biased considering I slaved there at one point in my life but I couldn’t help making the purchase on the Park Slope faux vest in black, (My sister got the other color). Oversized and so so chic I have 3851985 outfits traipsing in and out of my head at any given moment. They all include this. Very pleased.



A heaven sent lady I work with has come up with a genius idea. She’s gifting handmade chocolates this Christmas and has appointed me her taste tester. There are worse jobs. I do have to run an extra mile every day but the lilac cream filling in this heart, and the rich cashew butter filling in the previous chocolates were well worth it. Oh, and she writes a note describing its contents each time. Like I said – Heaven sent.



I wore this 3 days in a row this week, and for those who know me know that I’m not only recognized for my taste in footwear – but for my abundance of scentual products. This is one of them. It’s one of my favorite summer scents but I felt taking a break from my signature Philosophy and warmer, more pungent scents. I hate that word. Pungent. Should have used another word. Anyway I really like Fresh products, they’re just that – fresh, crisp and unique. Sugar Lemon smells like baking mixed with lazy summer days of sipping mimosas and laying by the surf. But with makeup on. It smells like that girl.


Happy Weekend xoxo


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