Covet: Charlotte Olympia

If Charlotte Olympia was a scent she’d be sugared pixie dust. If she were an aura, she’d be a fusion of powder pink and shades of glitter. If she were a dog, she’d be a poodle with multicolored fur.


This female (and her line) are the embodiment of your girliest pleasures and cotton candy.

I have yet to own a pair of Charlotte Olympia’s but I’m in the midst of skillfully picking out a pair that I’ll be so head over heels with that I won’t feel the desire to acquire another, which, might I say, is absolute bullsh*t. It’s just not mathematically probable. It’s like eating one sour candy and saying no the rest of the bag. Like going to Vegas and spending $100 and saying you’re capped. It’s like owning one shade of lipstick! And only one pair of pumps! Oh the horror! The HORROR!

Let me explain…

Feast your eyes upon the dreamlike creations…

1e23424a7fbcea1f20b2f9ed4858b5c4 8c96da47a6a17b10c92372fabfc917e8 33fa5a9c81637c12eaf74fea75087a2a 51ec76a2a747e64d11169aa050fbfbb5 85cc63a25c7180009cff22c6dd8263fc 477c77efd1559158d5408a2db390999b a273955e002714bbc5f63eae7f332b53 b867f56de5dc6b6b1e62abf0fdfba602 df691d2ed9ecf5a3a4a611188a989194 ef7f9eea6cf47f10329055cfc80bdde2

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NMV1P7S_mx NMV1P7U_mx NMX1ABW_mx3a5eae7a3038aedab597b7cd908df6fb

8c96da47a6a17b10c92372fabfc917e8 9ef2a54ac9377822441e5b29c6cf23bc 12498251349bf5aa8284c7e7495011de bfca6cc7ff78c3265fc87b04eb3a5c96 cc901138beba1de2c2280172ba68217f e70b315628aaf3a5fa49016f88ead670 f6c5fea4d53544d70806af65f8896f73

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NMX1H5J_mx NMX1X0N_mx


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The gutsy pumps, the delicate and fairytale-like clutches and the cheeky flats are only a small glimpse into her signature line. I love everything. I am dying for the Sleeping Princess pumps and the Kitty flats (in satin pink of course).  The price range is high, as is expected with a line like this, but if you decide to splurge (and not pay your bills next month) then what better designer to splurge on that one that re-creates the stuff you think about when you’re loaded on rose’ and white wine coolers?

That’s what I thought.

Take a peek at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Harrods, and Net A Porter



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