Friday Favorites.

This post is one of my FAVORITE endings to the week.

Enjoy, and Happy Weekend xoxo.


I love beauty that gives off good vibes. Tis the end of those with bitchy resting face. How can this snap not make you want to smile? A huge, gregarious, carefree and vulnerable smile.



One of the reasons I love reading is for the wonders it offers us. A life without books is like a life without the option to travel. Stationary.



Essie’s Lapis of Luxury has been on my nails all week. This is huge because I tend to change colors every couple of days. It’s a nice break from the typical Fall colors and it actually compliments every skin tone. Must have color.



Tea time happens to be one of my favorite times of day. Good conversation, cozy evenings, curled up with a book (or in my case a book, my laptop, and my iGadgets). Either way a cup of tea melts away stress, boosts the metabolism and is the perfect ending to any day. My favorite right now are the pretty pumpkin spice loose tea bags from Trader Joes and ginger tea.



This short combination coat from Zara is one of my fav purchases this week. It’s unique cut, detail, and length is perfect for dressier outfits yet it works the casual option out as well. Love.



My youngest sister and I slaved attempted to make Thanksgiving dinner this year for approximately 15 family members. I sh*t you not it was a success. A success that was shocking and truth defying but a success nonetheless. Because we’re all “animals are friends, not food,” each dish was vegetarian. Dinner consisted of cornbread, cranberry, walnut and sage stuffing, black & wild rice mixed with squash and mushroom, mashed potatoes, green beans & brussel sprouts cooked with fennel, asparagus, maple glazed carrots and homemade cranberry sauce. This isn’t a joke. We did this and we’re pretty damn impressed ourselves, so I had to share. I also concocted a rich and delicious red velvet cake loaded with fat and calories that clearly weren’t being counted that evening. I’ll have a separate post for that – it’s well deserved. I hope your Thanksgiving was spent with friends & family, warm cider, rich desserts, and limitless blessings. Tis corny, but I mean it. xo



I listened to each and every song in Lorde’s debut album, in its entirety. This girl is ingenious. Her voice is raw, pure and so melodious. I suggest you give it a listen. Royals is repeating itself on every radio station I’m sure but there’s so much more where that came from. Perfection.



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