Beauty 101: The A List: Body

Here’s the next installment in my compilation for the best products for your hair, face, and body.

Again, feel free to use them, reject them, or cuss me out for not including your favorites. Make sure you leave a comment when doing so, I’ll make sure to take it into consideration.

Cough, cough.


1. Dove White Beauty Bar $4



“Dermatologist reccommended,” this stands apart from the rest because it doesn’t dry out your skin after showering, and the scent is long lasting too.

2. Olay Body Wash (with Spa Exfoilating Ribbons) $10



I swear by Philosophy body wash but if I were to use something else this would be it. I remember when it first came out, the stuff is luxurious, honest. It’s a steal, and it leaves your skin really soft afterwards. Comes in different scents too.

3. Kiehl’s Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish $28



Boasts tiny sized particles to scrub away dead skin, while the soy milk hydrates for a nice finish.

4. Philosophy Body Wash/Shampoo & Bubble Bath $12-$26

(Body Wash)


My absolute favorite item, there is no way you can live life without at least trying one “flavor.” I collect them so I can go months before I start to rotate. Besides the scent, the lather, the feel, and the after scent are amazing. Oh, and that all have cute little musings and accompanying recipes to re-create their amazing scents in dessert form. In love.

5. Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash $7

(Body Wash)


Anything that claims to be stress relieving, and doesn’t include wine as a key ingredient is pretty freaking awesome. This stuff doesn’t disappoint. It’s rich, and the lavendar and chamomile softens and smooths your skin.  Apparently the same results as rubbing oatmeal into your skin. Very hipster, but it works great.

6. Fresh Brown Sugar $65



Although it’s a little on the pricier side, this stuff promises to slough away dead skin with granules of almond, citrus & jojoba. It’s nice and rich, almost like caramel and it leaves your skin scented and smooth.

7. Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub in Ginger $28



This contains both white and brown sugar that exfoilate, olive oil to soften, and ginger to leave skin tingly and fresh. Or you can raid your kitchen cabnits. Your choice.

8. Avalon Organics Moisturizer $12



Best eco friendly product out there, it smells great and is pretty rich so you only need a small amount. Contains a triple dose of lipid ingredients like sunflower, flaxseed and coconut oils. My mom has this in a mint scent and it leaves skin feeling tingly fresh after.

9. Cerave $15



This unscented, hydrating cream includes glycerin and  hyaluronic acid. It stands apart from the rest because it ““time-released ceramides that strengthen the skin’s barrier and help clinch all that moisture.” Good for super dry and cracked skin, especially for heels and elbows.

10. Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins The Way of the Bath Matcha Tea Body Lotion $40



A hydrater that includes Ginseng, jojoba seed oil and murumuru butter that really softens and invigorates dull, dry skin. The matcha is what creates a tingling effect, nice for grumpy people like me who can’t stand waking up before 11 am.

11. Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion $11



This is some heavy duty sh*t. It contains alpha hydroxy acids for severely damaged skin and moisture binding urea, which sounds nasty but is apparently good for your skin.

12. Vaseline Lotion in Cocoa Butter $7



This is one of my favorite lotions (I carry a mini version around at all times). It has a nice cocoa butter scent, is insanely moisturizing (really, INSANELY) and doesn’t fade. I can’t stand putting on lotion 2147695 within a half hour. This stuff is long lasting so it goes a long way.

13. Suave Body Lotion – Original Scent $3



I love the smell of this stuff. It’s perfect for right out of the shower and it’s nice and lightweight so you can pretty much bathe in it. Don’t, because showering is necessary and you’re disgusting if you skip. I mean, I’m not judging but really. Dirty girls aren’t the best kind of girls.

14. L’Occitane Shea Butter Dry Skin Foot Cream $28



I love this product line, the fragrance is incredible and totally worth the price. They’re all super rich, including this one. Specifically, this repairs the roughest patches of skin and the lavender fragrance is to die for. You’ll never pay for a pedi again.

15. Neutrogena Norweigan Formula $5

(Hand Cram)


A nice rich, thick formula. This stuff is great for the dries of skin.

16. Bliss Foot Patrol $18

(Foot Cream)


I love Bliss products – especailly their Lemon & Sage body lotion. That stuff is bomb. This doesn’t disappoint either. Peppermint scented, and uses both glycolic and salicylic acids to soften unsightly calluses. Really does the trick.

17. L’Occitane Shea Butter $28

(Hand Cream)


Another one makes the list. This product is great for smoothing skin on the hands. It’s really hydrating and rich so it goes a long way, which is nice when you’re paying a little bit more.

18. Clarins Super Restorative Redefining Body Care $90

(Anti-cellulite firming cream)


Nothing completly gets rid of cellulite other than a clean diet and exercise, but the caffeine and other skin-firming ingredients in this cream can make it look less dimply. Go ahead and splurge if you really have issues with it.

19. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Body Treatment $25



This is a favorite among beauty mavens, probably because it’s rich, it and contains shea butter, Vitamin E, and the scent is addictive.

20. Mederma Skin Care for Scars $27

(Stretch Mark Cream)


Again, nothing can really get rid of stretch marks other than toning exercises, and still you have to learn to love them and accept them as part of your body. Or if you’re rollin in it you can undergo treatment. I doubt that’s likely, only because all women simply adore their imperfections so this cream is more than sufficient. It sits apart from the rest because it contains onion extract which helps scars heal faster.


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