Beauty 101: A List: Hair

I’ve complied a list of products that perhaps you should include in your next “beauty haul,” for must have arsenal.

Hair, face, nails, skin, fragrance. It’s all here.

Feel free to applaud them, reject them, sleep with them under your pillow – whatever.

I’ll post them in categories mainly due to the fact that I have better things to do with 5 hours.


The list below include products that are the best of the best in their class. This doesn’t necessarily refer to price point or brand, moreso their function and result.


1. Conair Infiniti Pro AC Motor $35

Long Lasting, perfect to tote around and makes even the most unmanageable hair easy to dry.


2.Ibiza Boar Bristle Brush $40

One of the top round brushes, doesn’t snag the hair and my fav part is that the cork around the handle doesn’t cause slippage. Slippage can be frustrating at 6 am.


3. Hot Tools Spring Iron $40

Fast heat up time, and a cool tip. Best thing is the price and the fact that they’re comparable to any high tech curling iron. Must have.


4. Ibiza G5 Extra Large Brush $38

Smoothing boar bristles, cork handle and extra large shape allows for effortless styling.


5. Morocconoil Intense Curl Cream $34

(Unmanageable hair/frizz/dry hair)

Argan oil and a bunch of other awesome antioxidants leave hair silky, sleek and easy to run your fingers through. Perfect de-frizzer for rough curls or frizzy hair.


6.Cream of Nature Argan Oil $6

(Unmanageable hair, frizz, dry hair)

This stuff boasts condition and restoration for broken hair, and damage prone strands. No sulfate. Seals in moisture.


7. Kerastase Bain Oleo Curl Intense Shampoo & Conditioner $32/$60

(Frizzy, coarse, unmanageable hair)

Definitely on the more expensive side but worth it for hydration for frizzy hair. Includes palm oil and silicone to soften and manage hair that tends to flare up after washes. One of the reasons people like 2 day old hair styles is because the “balloning” effect has subsided by then. This stuff doesn’t even let it surface. Amazing.


8. Aveda Air Control $24


This stuff mists on compared to the sticky liquid spray from some hairsprays. The dry spray infused with organic flax seed, pine and jojoba lets you run your fingers through your hair but leaves your style intact. Also, the smell is amazing. Like hemp mixed with Christmas. I’ve tried it, this is what I smell.


9. John Frieda Frizz Ease Sheer $10

(Frizzy, dry and coarse hair)

Light serum with silicones that have a dual phase water formula that doesn’t make the hair greasy. This stuff is great to tote around too for quick fixes.


10. Alterna Bamboo Frizz Correction $22

(Frizzy, dry and coarse hair)

No parabens in this product, and it works for both before and after styling. Totally calms and sleekifies frizz.


11. Klorane Dry Shampoo $18

(Dry Shampoo)

This stuff includes oat milk which makes the dust soft and masks any hair grease with a sweet subtle smell.  What sets it apart from others is that it doesn’t color your hair a greyish white. Perfect for on the go touch ups.


12. Phyto Phytovolume Actif $29


This stuff is great because it gives volume that doesn’t end up feeling like a helmet. Includes natural extracts, protein and beetroot that holds it in place.


13. L’Oreal Elnett Satin $15


This stuff is used by stylists everywhere for flexible hold. The mist is really really fine so it’s easy to brush out. Unlike other sprays that have a stronger hold, this stuff doesn’t leave behind any residue.


14. Bumble & Bumble Styling Cream $25

(Styling Cream)

Lightweight, gel type formula that adds texture to both long and short do’s without making them greasy or weighed down.


15. Morocconoil Treatment $39

(Hair Treatment)

This brand is amazing in every single way, the oil works on any type of frizz, roughness, dry and coarse hair. A few drops go a long way when blowdrying, styling, pre and after washing hair. Best thing is that you can use it on either fine or thick hair and it’s never weighed down and slick. Really worth the price.


16. Bumble & Bumble Does It All $24


This spray is awesome because it holds without stiffness, provides shine, and is really easy to brush out. Pretty much everything you want in a good hairspray.


17. Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom $18

(Styling Cream)

Really rich formula, yet it’s lightweight and non greasy or waxy. It leaves hair with a nice, smooth finish.


18. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum $25

(Serum for straight/curly hair)

I’ve sworn by this stuff for the past 10 years. All you need is a mini pump for a dime sized amount and once ran through the hair it leaves it sleek, lightweight and shiny. Used when blow drying makes hair so much more manageable as well. A must for anyone.


19. Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner $39

(Shampoo/Conditioner for fine/limp hair)

This stuff boasts a blend of botanical extracts to thicken and volumize hair with an in your face shine. The tea tree oil really freshens and invigorates the scalp and leaves it with a nice boost.


20. Olivia Garden Brush $15

(Eco Friendly)

This brush glides through even the roughest most tangled hair. The bamboo bristles tame flyaways and static and both cushions and massages the scalp. Nice.


21. Tresemme Tres Two $7


This is my favorite hairspray. It holds anything. AN-Y-THING. I have to wash my bangs each after each use at the end of the day but it’s worth it to have the hair held out of my face perfectly. Buy it.


22. Chi Silk Infusion $13-25

(Hair serum)

This stuff is amazing. Another go to for me, it lasts me so long I can’t even remember the last time I replaced it. A dime size amount is all you need to add shine and tame the driest and frizziest hair. I use after I wash and run it through my hair before and after I use the curling iron on it. Smells amazing too.


Feel free to scold me for not including your favorites.

Don’t fret, makeup post is being prepared at the moment…


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