Friday Favorites.

Hi pretties. Here are my favorites of the week.


Favorite Photo.

Bonnie Strange. Intriguing. I need pink hair and rose colored shades.


Favorite Purchase.

I just sent for these Zara lace up booties. I’m obsessed with this style of shoe right now. Schutz has a similar style that’s been sold out for the past month and I’ll admit it, when a need is created it must be fulfilled stat. Can’t wait.


Favorite Look.

Midi and floor length leather skirts are so perfect. It’s a nice balance of feminine and edgy. This one’s from Zara. (Yes, again).


Favorite Item.

NARS Lodhi Satin Lip Pencil. I think I have found a new addiction – NARS lip pencils are blowing my mind right now. The color is intense, it stays all day and the line it stencils is perfection. I got this color and wore it during the day. Yeah I ain’t scurred. It looks even better with a really neutral eye…


Favorite Quote.

I know I may look like a little snot but I’m all about exuding kindness. You never know a persons struggle, their inner demons, and what they’re facing day to day. Smile, say hello, be kind. My interpretation of this quote? Stay true to your convictions, voice your opinions in the most positive and beneficial manner. Ain’t nobody want to listen to an officious and brash person and throwing your weight around only brings people down, including you, because you look like a dick. Don’t be a dick. Be nice. Everyone likes a nice girl.


Favorite Inspiration.

I can’t wait to start an inspiration board. A lot of my favorite photos are stored on my computer and on my iEverythings. Putting in a little effort to cut and paste, organize and arrange is more therapeutic than right clicking on images. You may not have an end goal with what you’re trying to achieve though this but inspiration is everywhere and it’s for everyone. For me, it reminds me of who I am, what I desire, and what has led me to where I’m at in life. It looks artisy as sh*t too. Do it.


Favorite Food.

I’ll admit that I had a pumpkin tart this past week. Not this one specifically, but one that reminded me of why I love Fall so much. It’s not all about the food, moreso the moments it’s associated with. Crisp air, cozy coffee dates, and the prettiest backdrops. And okay fine, it wasn’t a little tart it was a whole Costco pumpkin pie and the only thing that was cozy were my jeans.

(Kidding, that’s disgusting.) Honestly. I despise gluttony, unless it’s associated with wardrobe essentials. In that case it’s okay.


Favorite Event.

Not my favorite event obviously, this gem succumbing to his demons was the lowest point of the summer. The memorable event was Thursday’s Glee tribute to Cory Monteith AKA Finn the Quarterback. The most precious ballads & most tearful goodbyes, it was so heartfelt I suggest if you haven’t seen it you leave the wine in the cabinet because it’s going to be a real downer. Cory, I hope you’re at peace now…



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