Wear Me: Fall Trends

I love telling people what to wear. I’m really not that bossy but one judgemental look is all it takes, I don’t even have to open my mouth. I know I’m no Stacey & Clinton (all hail) but I know what’s up. Most of the time.

Now, please avert your attention to the following:

1. Black On Black.

AKA “All black erryting.” “Murdered Out.”

This is a must. No you don’t have to be hiding a food baby or heading to a funeral to explain why you’re working an all black outfit. It’s hot and it never goes out of style. Really quite simple.

Do it.


2. Monochromatic Prints.

Think stripes mixed with prints. Geometic patterns mixed with pops of blue and black. With floral. It’s works, trust me.


3. Blush.

Giggling, wine, having the “hots” for someone. Blush is everything. Make sure you wear it this season. And next. And the one after that. It’s girly and pretty and it makes you look like you smell nice.


4. Fluff and Sweaters.

Pair feathers and frou with chunky knits, boyfriend sweaters, and oversized cable knit cardis. The result is the perfect balance between casual and over the top. This is one of my favorite looks becasue it allows you to wear dramatic pieces in a toned down way. This is mainly because I don’t have anywhere to go and really need someplace to wear my more showy pieces. Yes, I walk on a runway to work.


5. Hats On.

Topping your outfit with a hat is always a do. I mean, a baseball cap with a fitted blazer, jeans and a white tee is perfection. More and more designers and brands are coming out with baseball caps in fabrics like houndstooth, leather and nylon. Handy if your team colors don’t match the rest of your outfit. Felt floppy hats are everywhere right now and they make any outfit look stylish (hippie chic, fashionista on the go) Corny but true.


6. Texture.

Lace and moto leather. Tweed and fine cotton. Cashmere and denim. Velvet and cable knit. All of it works. It gives off a unique twist and a bit of an edgy look. It’s always nice to mix it up a bit and try new things. Worst case scenario is that you end up looking like a homeless person, but really – that’s so in right now so it’s all good.


7. Cropped.

Yes. The well awaited recognition that the crop is always a must. Although flared is back in this season, the crop is always a classic look. Doesn’t matter what your body type, the crop lengthens the leg if you have it set just above the ankle (too short – and you have the reverse effect), and it’s flattering with any and every type of shoe. I wear most of my pants and denim cropped because I like the look (and it showcases your shoes in the best way possible).


8. Leather.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but Leather is the new Denim. Actually no, it’s the new everything. Now that you’ve replaced it all with leather, take it further. Ankle length skirts, knee brushing trenches, and long sleeved tops are a perfect example of creating a new style with this trend. Oh and that saying that less is more does not apply here. I’d wrap my face up a la’ Kanye if I could. Oh wait…


9. Vests.

I love a good vest. If it’s draped with feathers, fringe or faux that is. Pretty huge for Fall and an excellent layering option. I opt for faux or frou but denim, leather are nice options too. My fav look would have to be the white t (surprise, surprise), leather skinnies, faux vest and floppy hat look. Don’t be scared of faux and don’t tell me you cant pull it off. Faux is for everyone. My dog dresses in faux.


10. Grunge

90’s era fashion is so big right now I can’t even explain. Like, totally in. If you’re aversive to the idea, introduce it in bouts. Pick one item and wear it with something simple. Graphic tees, denim button downs, deliberatly shredded skinnies, mesh and plaid are some of the main trends. Yes plaid. My favorite part. I have yet to rock my Cher inspired plaid mini suit. I’m saving that shit for a good day. Town Hall meeting style.

*And by Cher I mean Cher Horowitz from Clueless. The fact that I even had to explain myself is making me sick to my stomach.



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